Links to photo stories organized by main characters:

Amber and the Gang

Matt & Amber: The Beginning
Flashback: Matt and Amber hook up; Antonio (Tony) finds out those closest to him have been keeping secrets.

The Interview
Amber sits down with singer/songwriter Marisa de la Cruz to discuss her latest album.

The First to Know
Tony shares shocking news with Matt and Amber.

The Housewarming
Thomas and Camille host a potluck celebration with friends and family.

The Wedding Planner
Tony and Brandy meet with Dollton's premier event planner.

The Whole Truth
Amber confronts Tony about his engagement, and Tony gets news that rocks his world.

The Road Ahead
Brandy is blindsided by Tony's news; Tony embraces his new role.

The Perfect Dress
Brandy and her entourage visit Wedding Belles salon in search of the perfect dress.

The Christmas Party
Tony tries to keep the drama to a minimum when all the women in his life converge at the Scott family's annual Christmas party.

The Meet Up
Amber follows through on her plan to "get to know" Lea.

The Nerve
Brandy is shocked by Tony's latest proposal.

Mother Knows Best
Rosalyn gives Brandy some unsolicited but much needed advice.

Family Planning
Brandy sets a plan in motion and surprises Tony with some news of her own.

Crazy in Love 

Promise Me
Deirdre is surprised by Walter's behavior and expensive gifts.

A Bad Feeling

Robyn gets a bad feeling about Walter; Deirdre rationalizes his behavior.

Party's Over
A celebration is cut short by Walter's insecurities and he finally crosses the line.

Forgive Me
Walter pleads with Deirdre and offers her the key to something other than his heart.

Robyn calls in a pro to help deliver a reality check to her best friend.

Broken Promises
Walter and Deirdre have a tense confrontation following her request to break up.

Stay With Me
Walter's desperation peaks and the result is disastrous.

Walter does damage control, Deirdre reappears amid odd circumstances, and Robyn is ready for revenge.

Friend in Need
Deirdre makes a shocking request, and it just might be more than Robyn can handle.

Disappearing Act
Deirdre goes off the grid while Walter turns to drugs and alcohol and becomes more determined than ever to find her.

What About Walter?
Robyn tries to appeal to Deirdre's sensible side.

The Easy Way or the Hard Way?
Deirdre faces her past and a difficult decision.

Lena's Corner

Nora Breaks Her Silence
Nora spills the dirty little secret that is tearing her marriage apart.

Lena Intervenes
Lena seeks help on Nora's behalf.

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