Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Road Ahead (Photo Story)

Previously in TheWhole Truth, Tony learned that he has a three year old daughter by a woman he was seeing while stationed in California. Now, he must share his shocking news with his fiancée, Brandy.

Have I told you I love you today? (Tony)
At least three times, but I never get tired of hearing it. (Brandy)
I love you, Baby. (Tony)
I love you, too. (Brandy, smiling)

Brandy’s smile begins to fade as she notices the worried look on Tony’s face.

Is everything okay? (Brandy)
I hope so. I got an email from an old girlfriend a few days ago. She said she was in town and needed to talk to me about something in person. When I left my sister’s house, I went over to the bakery to meet her. I hope you aren’t mad at me. (Tony)

No, I’m not mad, but I am disappointed that you didn’t tell me sooner. Did you at least tell her about us? (Brandy)
Of course. I didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings. (Tony)
So, what did she need to talk to you about? (Brandy, trying not to sound nervous)

Tony takes a deep breath and then spits it out.

She told me that I have a three year old daughter. (Tony)
What? Why would she keep something like that from you? (Brandy)

She found out she was pregnant after we ended things and just before I was scheduled to leave town. She was afraid I’d think she was trying to trap me or something. I don’t know. It was years ago. (Tony)
I don’t mean to be blunt, but why is she telling you this now? (Brandy)

Well, they’ve moved to Dollton, and she needs my help. But I don’t think that’s all. She sounded like she feels really guilty about keeping it from me all these years. (Tony)
Hmmm, do you believe she’s telling the truth? (Brandy)
Yeah, I do. She even suggested I get a paternity test. (Tony)
I think that’s wise. (Brandy)

Look, I understand if you want to rethink our engagement. This is a shock and it’s not what you signed on for… (Tony)
What?! I don’t need to rethink anything. I love you. I signed on for you. We’ll figure this out together. (Brandy)
You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that. (Tony, sighing)

Brandy and her sister, Yolanda, are chatting about wedding stuff.

Another idea I had was a bouquet of white roses with deep blue hydrangeas. (Yolanda)
That sounds good. (Brandy)
Got any more ideas? Seen anything in any of your bridal magazines? (Yolanda)
That sounds good. (Brandy)

Yolanda realizes Brandy is no longer listening.

How about we get the florist to make your bouquet out of turnips and celery? And we could have her do the table centerpieces to match. (Yolanda)
That sounds good. (Brandy)

Yolanda bangs the table to get Brandy’s attention. Brandy jumps and then looks at her sister.

What’s on your mind, Sis? (Yolanda)
Nothing much. (Brandy, shaking her head)
You just told me turnip centerpieces with a matching bouquet were good ideas for your wedding! (Yolanda)
Huh? (Brandy)

You weren’t even listening to me. Your mind was someplace else. (Yolanda)
You’re right. As a matter of fact, the therapist in me knows that talking to someone will make me feel better. (Brandy)
So, what’s on your mind? (Yolanda)

First, you have to swear not to tell Mom. I mean it, not a word. (Brandy)
Okay, fine. I promise. (Yolanda)
Tony recently found out that he has a kid. (Brandy)

Seriously? (Yolanda)
Yes. (sigh) And my mind is at the park where he went today to meet her for the first time. (Brandy)
Oh my. How old is the little girl? (Yolanda)
She’s three. Why do you ask? (Brandy)
Well, because if she was like ten then that relationship with the mom probably ended ages ago. The younger the child, the more recent the break-up… (Yolanda)
Brandy sighs.
Still, I mean this was obviously before the two of you got together. Are you having second thoughts? (Yolanda)

No. I love Tony. When he proposed, he made me the happiest woman alive, and I want to be with him more than anything. I’m just…you know…scared I guess…scared that maybe he’ll start having second thoughts after today. (Brandy)

Meanwhile at the city park…
Tony has arrived at the park to meet Lea and Kayla. It will be his first time meeting Kayla since their DNA samples were collected separately. The test results came back a few days ago confirming that he is the father.

Girls, why don’t you go play and I’ll call you over in a second? (Tony, to the twins)
Okay, Uncle Tony. (Macee)
I call first on the swing! ( Makenna)

Hey. (Tony, to Lea)
Hey, you. Are you okay? You look nervous. (Lea)
A little. I brought my nieces to help break the ice. I thought they might make Kayla feel more comfortable. Where is she? (Tony)
She’s there in the sandbox. Should I call her over? You ready? (Lea)
Let’s do it. (Tony)

Lea calls Kayla over to where she and Tony sit waiting.

Mommy, I play in sand. I dig. (Kayla)
I know, I saw you. Look, I have someone I want you to meet. Say, “Hi.” (Lea)
Hi. (Kayla, to Tony)
Mommy, I say, “Hi.” (Kayla, to Lea)
That’s my sweet girl. Kayla, this is your daddy. (Lea)

Kayla just looks at Tony, not really understanding.

Hi, Kayla. I’m really happy to meet you. I know you don’t know me yet, but I’d like for you to get to know me. I brought you something. (Tony)

Tony offers Kayla a doll.

Mommy, it’s a doll! (Kayla)
What do you say? (Lea)
Thank you. (Kayla)
You’re welcome. (Tony)
Mommy, I like doll. (Kayla)
I brought some friends for you to play with, too. (Tony)

Tony calls the twins over and introduces them to their little cousin. They offer to take turns pushing Kayla and her doll on the toddler swing.

You’re a natural. I knew you would be. (Lea, smiling)

Tony chats with Lea for a while, and then joins the girls in the play area. Kayla warms up to him in no time thanks to the twins, who adore their uncle, Tony. Later, he drops the twins off at home.

Mommy, Daddy! (Macee and Makenna)
We missed you. Did you have fun at the park with your uncle? (Amber)
Yes! And Uncle Tony said he’s going to take us to the fair so we can see Kayla again. (Makenna)
Who's Kayla? (Amber, to Tony)

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  1. Kayla is very cute and it is good that Tony wants a relationship with her. Now, Tony took his nieces to to the park to meet Kayla and did not mention this to her parents ahead of time? Bad Tony! I do hope everything works out!

    1. Phyllis, Tony seems to like the element of surprise...well, he does when he isn't the one getting the surprise. Kayla is a cutie pie, and I like the way she fits in with all her relatives.

  2. So far, so good. Tony seems to be handling things quite well. That was a good idea to bring his nieces to help break the ice. The little doll is so cute. Nice touch, daddy. Now Brandy needs to meet her pretty quickly, so Lea doesn't get any bright ideas.

    1. Ooh, good point, Vanessa! Tony needs to introduce Brandy to Lea fairly soon if he wants to avoid potential problems down the line.

  3. I like that doll Tony gave Kayla. Now he's going to have to explain to his sister and brother-in-law why he didn't tell them about Kayla. I hope Lea is telling the truth and doesn't have other intentions. Brandy is taking things well, so far.

    1. Yes, Brandy is handling things like a champ...for now at least. I don't think Lea has an ulterior motive, but the way her eyes lingered in that photo (when Tony gave Kayla the doll) makes me think she feels something for her baby daddy.

  4. Tony tries to do the right thing, that's great! I hope everything will keep going well. Great post, and the little doll is so cute!

    1. Thanks! I love that little doll. I expect a few bumps in the road, but I'm rooting for a good outcome for everyone involved.

  5. I love how this story is going on, these are wonderful characters. And I like the storyline, just the right amount of suspense and not too much drama....excellent writing job!

    1. Thanks, Billa! I actually like this story line for that very same reason- the characters are likeable and their lives aren't filled with an excessive amount of drama. This story gives me a much needed break from Walter and Deirdre's constant drama.

  6. Jewell, your story telling is totally on point! I love it!! Tony was a real sweetheart to give Kayla a doll. Is he going to do the DNA test? Lea introduced him as her father. Brandy seems to be very understanding so I sure hope he is...father figures are very important (IMO). They all seem sweet. Love the post! Keep them coming!

    Happy Sunday my friend!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl! He already got the test. I suppose I need to make that more clear in the story. We'll have one more story with this group before switching to the other cluster to see what Walters crazy self is up to.

  7. I like this story.It's good that Kayla likes Tony.I think they will get on well.Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks for stopping by My doll stuff! I think Kayla will grow quite fond of her daddy and vice versa.

  8. I'm the suspicious type and if I was Brandy I would be very worried. Heck, knowing me I'd probably end things with Tony. Tell him we needed a "time out" while he got to know his daughter. Then again, I'm the "cut my nose off to spite my face" kind of person. Brandy seems more like the "wait and see" type though.

    Great story!

    1. LOL, Muff! Brandy is definitely the "wait and see and hope for the best" type. She's trying not to worry, but it's going to become increasingly difficult. I feel ya on the time out. Part of me thinks that's the best idea I've heard, then another part of me thinks it's like gift wrapping Tony and handing him over to Lea.

    2. Don't listen to Muff. This is Brandy's fiancee, not just a fly by night boyfriend. He can't help the daughter situation. This is the time when she needs to BE his fiancee, and not allow Lea to detect any cracks in their relationship. She needs to get to know his daughter right along with him. They are a couple and the daughter needs to see them as a couple, as though they are already married. Good men are hard to come by. You don't just abandon them when they need you most.