Monday, April 6, 2015

The First to Know (Photo Story)

Hello, gorgeous. (Matt)

Hi there. You’re looking pretty snazzy yourself, Doctor. (Amber)

So tell me about this mysterious dinner invitation. (Amber)

I don’t know very much...just that we’re having dinner with your brother… and he’s bringing a date. (Matt)

Really?! I don’t think Tony has ever brought anyone to meet family. Is it the same date he brought to the New Year’s Eve party? (Amber, thoughtfully)
Yep, she’s the one. (Matt)

Well, what do you know about her? (Amber)

Not much actually. She’s some kind of therapist and they’ve been seeing each other for the past four months. (Matt)

Wait, Tony’s seeing his therapist?! (Amber)

No, not his therapist…a therapist. She does counseling down at the VA hospital. (Matt)

Alright, let’s go. I told Camille we’d drop the girls off by 6:00. They’re eating dinner at her place. (Amber)

I’ll drive. (Matt)

You look nervous. Are you? (Tony)
Yeah, a little bit. (Brandy)
Well, you don’t need to be. I love you, and they will love you, too. (Tony)

There’s my sister and best friend now. (Tony)
That’s your sister? She’s drop dead gorgeous. (Brandy)
Hey, don’t sound so surprised!  We’re twins, remember? Besides, I happen to think you’re drop dead gorgeous, too. Now relax. (Tony)

Well, well, well…don’t you two look cozy. Hi, I’m Amber, Tony’s sister. (Amber)

I’m Brandy. It’s a pleasure to officially meet you. I’ve heard so much about you- both of you actually. (Brandy)

Matthew Foreman…pleased to meet you. (Matt)

Have a seat. I’ll signal the waiter to get us some champagne. (Tony)

Champagne? What’s the occasion? (Amber)

Good evening. My name is Ryan, and I’ll be your server. Have you all dined at Cucina Primo before? (Ryan)
Yes. (All)
That’s great. Welcome back. Would you like to hear the evening’s specials? (Ryan)

Tony asks the waiter to bring a bottle of champagne while Matt and Amber look over the menu.

Are we celebrating something? (Amber)
As a matter of fact we are, but you’ll have to wait for the bubbly to find out what. (Tony)

Ryan returns to take everyone’s orders and pour the champagne.

Alright, you’ve stalled long enough. Spit it out! (Amber, impatiently)

We invited you here because we have an announcement to make. (long dramatic pause)
Brandy and I are getting married and we wanted you to be among the first to know.

My man! Congratulations, bro! (Matt, getting up to hug Tony)
Thanks, bruh! (Tony)

Amber sits in shocked silence.

Sis? (Tony)

Does Mom know about this? (Amber, not sure what else to say)

Of course…and she’s thrilled! I thought you would be, too. (Tony)

I am. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like… I’m just surprised, that’s all. I never thought I’d see the day… (Amber)

Okay, no need to expound on your fears that I would never settle down . I don't want anything to scare my fiancée away. (Tony, looking lovingly at Brandy)

Thanks for reading!

Edited to Add Dio Details:
This information is as much for me as it is for you. As I improve my dio-making skills, it will be helpful to remember where I got certain things, so I will post details the first time something is shown.

Matt and Amber's sofa was made out of a cardboard shipping box for Kaiser doll stands.
The rolling desk chair is a Barbie Convention chair from 2004.
The desk and coffee table are from Blinkydolls Boutique on Etsy- a wonderful mother/daughter team. I featured several of the freebies they packed with my order in this story (desk lamp, champagne bottle, and filled glass). I love gifts with purchase!!
The rug is a piece of craft felt from Joann's.
The coffee table books are from Poppy's Petites on Etsy.
The adorable wall art is a package of 3-D stickers found at Tuesday Morning in the crafting aisle.
The small books and bread sticks are from Hobby Lobby.
The art on the restaurant wall is from a Dollar Tree place mat.
The table and chairs are from a Gloria Fancy Life set customized with Rustoleum American Accents spray paint in SATIN colonial red and Testors spray enamel in gloss metallic gold.


  1. Well Amber was certainly shocked and she did not hide it! Love the color you painted the table and chairs. Congrats to Tony and Brandy!

    1. Yes, she was! After shocking Tony with her own relationship so many years ago, I guess it was time she got a taste of her own medicine- lol.

  2. Oh, Amber, Amber... your brother is ordering champagne while wanting you to get to know his girlfriend. Those were clues.

    1. SP, in Amber's rational mind no number of clues could add up to her commitment-phobe brother getting engaged after just four months.

  3. Congrats to the happy couple. Love both dios. The red and gold are poppin'. I didn't meet my brother's wife until the day of the wedding. Lol! They had been dating for a number of years, though.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! How funny that you ended up meeting your new sister-in-law on the wedding day- lol! Better late than never.

  4. Tony is really handsome....both dioramas are great!

    1. Yes, he is! I knew he wouldn't stay single for long when he arrived all those months ago. We will be seeing a lot of Tony in the coming months as the events leading up to the wedding and a little personal drama begin to unfold.

  5. Amber was really playing clueless. Maybe she is in denial. Tony is moving fast, but it's his life.

    1. Janainah, you're right. Amber's denial stems from her brother's long history of commitment-phobia. Tony can be a bit impulsive, but he's never done anything like this. Amber's just trying to make sense of it all. I'm sure she'll come around soon.

  6. Great story Jewell!! I love your dio's!! The restaurant table set looks great! Did you customize it? You did a great job on creating the sofa also! Looking forward to more. Yay, a wedding is coming!

    1. Thanks! I added the info about how I customized the dining set to the dio details at the end of my post. The gold was shinier than I wanted, but I like how it turned out. This will probably be the only wedding I ever do. I remember how much work it was for Vanessa to pull off Rod and Danielle's wedding.

  7. Yes, what Georgia Girl asked! Did you spray paint the table? It looks like a Gloria/Fancy Life set... but better.

    Until you explained in the comments I wondered if Amber was having a hesitation because of Brandy's race. Now that you say Tony used to be a commitment phobe if I was Amber my next thought would be, "Is she pregnant?" Apparently I just think the worst, lol.

    1. Yes, the table and chairs were spray painted- details have been added to the bottom of my post. Thanks for the compliment! The table was not my best paint job, but the chairs turned out better.

      You know when she gets her brother alone, the "Is she knocked up?" question is bound to pop out of her mouth- lol. I guess I should have done a better job of eluding to Tony's prior commitment-phobia in the first part of the story. Plus Amber and Matt knew one another for years before they got together, so she's probably thinking, "Four months- WTH?!"

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting, Brink : )

  9. Thanks to Vanessa i just came across your blog, realy nice work, you have done better than i could. I've always love dolls, i have some from when my daughters were litttle and one's i got my son- Max steel, GI Joe, the truck ect.... but i can't put together a story to have a blog. But i play an set up rooms/dio's almost daily.You go nice work as I said in the begining.

    1. Hi, Ladonna! Thanks for visiting. Please don't think you need to do stories just to have a blog. When I started blogging, I had no plans to do stories and it's actually my non-story posts that get the most views. I hope you reconsider.