Monday, April 20, 2015

The Housewarming (Photo Story)

The townhouse is finished (well, close enough) and Thomas and Camille are celebrating with a small potluck dinner. The guests include Camille’s younger sister, Grace and her husband, Darren and their son, Julian plus close friends Matt and Amber and their twin daughters, Macee and Makenna.

Honey, Grace just called. They’re five minutes away. Would you put the appetizers out while I go up and check on the kids? (Camille)

Sure. Just the shrimp tray or everything? (Thomas)
Go ahead and put everything out. (Camille)

Serena, I want you and Tommy to put away your toys. Your cousin and friends will be here soon. (Camille)

Mom, Tommy doesn’t help when I ask him to clean up. (Serena)

You have to sing the clean-up song. Trust me…it works. It’s how I taught you to clean up when you were his age. (Camille)

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share. (Serena, singing)

Tommy starts picking up his toys, and Camille smiles and then turns to leave.

Camille checks her make-up in the bathroom mirror before heading back downstairs. 

Grace, Darren, and Julian have arrived.
Hey, Sis! Where should I put the spaghetti? (Grace)
On the stove is fine. Amber and the gang will be here soon. (Camille)

The place looks great! I’ve been thinking of redoing our living room.  Did you use a decorator? (Grace)
Yes, and she was fabulous. I’ll give you her card. (Camille)

There’s a knock at the door. Thomas welcomes Matt, Amber, and the twins into the townhouse.
Hi, everybody! Congrats on the new house, you guys! The place looks awesome. Let me put the salad and bread down, and then I want a tour. Oh, and I brought dessert, too. (Amber)

You baked? (Camille)

Girl, please! No, I stopped at Tastries to get some fresh bread and decided to grab a cake, too. (Amber)

Hey, Grace. Long time, no see. (Amber)
Yeah, I know. (Grace)

How’s your mother? (Camille)
She is feeling much better since the last time we spoke. (Amber)
And what about Tony? (Camille)
Oh, Tony’s great…better than great- he just got engaged. (Amber)

Engaged? I didn’t know he was seeing anyone. (Camille)

Well, that makes two of us. They’ve only been together for like four months, and I just met her. (Amber)

You sound uncertain. (Grace)
I’m just worried about him. Tony has never been in a long-term relationship, no steady girlfriends, nothing…and suddenly he’s getting married to someone he’s known for a few months. I don’t understand the big rush. (Amber)

*gasp* You don’t think she’s…(Camille)

Girl, you know it’s crossed my mind. I want to ask him, but I can’t figure out how to say it. I’m hoping Mom will get to the bottom of it. (Amber)

Have they met? (Camille)
I honestly don’t know. I just met her for the first time a week ago. Tony brought her to the New Year’s Eve party at the club, but we were never introduced. (Amber)
Well, I want the scoop once you get it. (Camille, laughing)

Alright ladies, fix yourselves a drink and let me show you the upstairs. (Camille)

Thanks for reading!

Dio Details:
sofa from Vans Doll Treasures
kitchen & refrigerator are Gloria furniture sets customized with black spray paint, black & brown paper squares, and granite Con-Tact paper
Barbie So Real So Now Dining Room (customized with espresso spray paint)
Barbie Story Starter bathroom set (not yet painted)
*Additional details to follow in a later post with complete pictures of each room


  1. The townhouse is wonderful! You did a great job on it. It looks like you extended out your flooring to give the place a bigger footprint. What a great idea! It would be hard to pick a favorite room, but I think the downstairs kitchen, dining and living room is probably the area I like the best. Did you do a master bedroom? I have got to get to working on my other dio projects. My dolls are getting ready to go on strike if I don't get some more places together soon!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Phyllis! It is much appreciated. The downstairs is my favorite, too. The first floor sits on a 20x30 inch piece of foam board to create the larger footprint. Yes, I did a master bedroom and will show it in a later post with better pictures of each room. I was just tired of this unfinished project holding up my stories- lol.

  2. I love the coolness of the color scheme. I usually use warm colors. I am not brave enough to use the cooler ones. Everything looks great! The story is about to get interesting! I want to know what the rush is too!

    1. Thanks, grandmommy! Yes, this story is about to take an interesting turn. The epi in which Amber grills Tony for the truth is mostly written, but that's the easy part. Who knows when I'll have time to take the pictures- lol

  3. Everything looks awesome! You did a great job customizing the kitchen and dining room! The living room looks great also. Vanessa's furniture is great! I can't wait to see the rooms in more detail. I love looking at everything. Lol! I can't remember, but is Amber the twins mother? Mattel did a great job in creating Amber. She is one the prettiest dolls (imo) that they have created lately. Great story/post!!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl! Yes, Amber is mom to twins, Macee and Makenna. And she's a twin herself. She's Tony's twin sister. I agree that she is one of the prettiest dolls Mattel has made recently. I never intended her to be a major character when I got her, but she stole the show.

  4. I love the sofa - go Vanessa! - and how you've decorated the rooms. I, too, am eager to see the close-up photos.

    Amber bursts in the scene like a diva. The big hair, the lashes, the black leather pants, she steals the scene wherever she is shown. Comgrats on getting her!

    1. Thanks, D7ana! I actually thought of you when I was dressing Amber for this story. I took one look at her and thought, "D7ana was right, she does look like a friggin' rock star!" LOL

  5. The townhouse looks good. The group looks like they are about to have a fun evening.

    1. Thanks! My six-year-old took one look at that last scene and said, "They look like they're about to have a party."

  6. Yay, you finished the townhouse! Everything looks wonderful. Nice color scheme. Your interior decorator did a great job. Loving Thomas in those glasses. Great story, too. I can't wait to see what is really going on with Tony. Sounds a little suspicious.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! There are some minor tweaks that need to be made, but I'm calling the townhouse done for now. There's something about Thomas with those glasses on that I just love, too. We will soon find out what's going on with Tony.

  7. The townhouse looks great and I can't wait to see more of the happening going on over there.

    1. Thanks, Brini! I spent some time today working on the next installment for this group of characters, but they'll have to hold tight while we see what's going on with 'ol crazy Walter and unsuspecting Deirdre.

  8. Love everything - story, décor, awesome customizing skills! All awesome.

  9. I have just started reading your stories and I gotta say, I LOVE them. I've been wanting to get into doing dioramas and stories with dolls (especially with all the really cool ones coming out 😃) but felt awkward doing it. But you have inspired me to start looking around for some ☺.
    Now after saying that, I have a question, who is Amber? Which doll? Because she is really beautiful, and a great character.

    1. Thanks for your comments, K Miller. It makes me so happy to know that I've inspired you to look around for ways to enjoy your collection. Amber is The Barbie Look Red Carpet doll in the gold dress. She was purchased in 2014. She's definitely one of my faves.