Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Perfect Dress (Photo Story)

Wedding planner, Kari Michell has scheduled an appointment for Brandy at Wedding Belles bridal salon. Despite everything that’s going on, Brandy is anxious to move forward with her wedding plans. Let’s have a quick look around the salon. Brandy and her entourage are waiting for the consultant. The salon manager, Blaire, is helping a bride in search of something for a destination wedding. And we can see bride, Elaine on the pedestal while her friends and family weigh in on her complete look.

Hi, I’m Isabella. Which one of you is Brandy? (Isabella)
Hello. I’m Brandy. (Brandy)
Welcome to Wedding Belles, and congratulations on your engagement! I'll be your consultant today, and I’m here to help you find the perfect dress. 
So, who did you bring with you? (Isabella)

This is my mom, Rosalyn. I also brought my bridesmaids- my sister, Yolanda and my best friend, Angelica. (Brandy)
It’s nice to meet you all. (Isabella)

So, let’s get started shall we? Describe how you want to look on your wedding day. (Isabella)
Classically Beautiful- I want my fiancé to look at me and fall in love all over again. (Brandy)
She should look like a princess. (Yolanda)
Yes, I agree. (Angelica)
And Ms. Rosalyn, how do you picture your daughter looking on her wedding day? (Isabella)
Like royalty. (Rosalyn)

Do you have any particular styles that you love or that you want to avoid? (Isabella)
I don’t want anything fitted or mermaid style. I like ball gowns, though. I flagged a couple of photos in this magazine of dresses that I like. (Brandy)
That’s very helpful. (Isabella)
And what are you comfortable spending? (Isabella)

Mom? (Brandy)
Your father is paying for this. Enough said. (Rosalyn)

Isabella dear, money is no object. (Rosalyn)
Well then, let’s go shopping. (Isabella)

Isabella shows Brandy to the dressing room, and then pulls the first couple of dresses. The first option is a halter style ball gown with a ruched satin bodice and shimmery tulle skirt.

What do you think about this one? (Isabella)
I like the silhouette, but I’m not sure about the top. I’m curious to hear what they think. (Brandy)

You’re all too quiet. Tell me what you’re thinking. (Brandy)
It’s not you. (Yolanda, shaking her head)
I don’t like the flowers on the skirt. (Angelica)
You're a beautiful bride, but this isn't the one. (Rosalyn)

Brandy and Isabella return to the dressing room to try the next dress. Dress #2 is a satin ball gown with a crisscross bodice, tulle shawl detail, and silver trim.

How do you feel about this one? (Isabella)
I feel like a princess. (Brandy)
That's perfect since it's from Disney's Fairytale Wedding Collection. (Isabella)

What do you think, Ladies? (Isabella)
It’s pretty, but it’s missing that wow factor. (Angelica)
There’s something about it that looks cheap to me. I don't like it. (Rosalyn)

Brandy heads back to the dressing room, and Isabella pulls more dresses. She looks for something with the wow factor Angelica mentioned while keeping in mind Brandy’s desire to be classically beautiful.

Next, Isabella helps Brandy into a strapless tiered lace ball gown with a lace bodice and sweetheart neckline. Brandy loves this one the moment she sees it on.

Do I look too much like a cake topper? (Brandy)
Don’t be ridiculous; you look like a princess bride! (Yolanda)

I can tell how much you like it by that huge grin on your face. (Angelica)
Do you like it or do you love it? (Rosalyn)
I love it! (Brandy)
So this is a definite contender. Let's see if we can top this one. (Isabella)

Next, Isabella puts Brandy in a ball gown with long sheer sleeves, satin, tulle, and white rose accents.

Wow, now that is stunning! (Angelica)
Uh-oh, Mom’s crying. (Yolanda)
Hush, Child! (Rosalyn, wiping tears from her cheeks)

So, what do you think? (Isabella)
This is tough. I love this one, too. It’s beautiful and romantic. We’re having a summer wedding, so I’m not 100% sure about these sleeves, though. (Brandy)
Well, the designer can customize it for you. We can order it without the sleeves. (Isabella)
Okay, let me think about that. (Brandy)

Kari provided your wedding colors when she made the appointment, so I was able to pull some bridesmaid dresses for your consideration. And since the ladies are here with you, why don’t we take a look? (Isabella)
Yes! Now I can sit and critique while they stand on the pedestal. (Brandy, laughing)

Yolanda and Angelica try on two sapphire blue dresses and stand side by side for Brandy to compare.

These are both lovely. That blue is just perfect. (Rosalyn)
I like them both, but I prefer the coverage of the one on the left. (Brandy)
We could top the style Angelica's wearing with a bolero jacket in the same color if you want a more modest look. (Isabella)

This is where we will leave the ladies to finish up their appointment. Brandy really is torn between the last two dresses. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!