Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pipe Cleaners, and Paint Brushes, and Dolls! Oh My!

Surprised to see another post so soon? Well, I set a goal to do four posts this month, and this morning I found myself one short. So, here's a quick post about my Saturday play date.

At our last doll club meeting, I was invited to a play date at Georgia Girl's house. Attendees were asked to bring...
-a doll or two to customize (hair, lips, nails, toes) 
-size 0 paint brushes 
-a doll with red carpet attire for the red carpet photo shoot (plus an escort if desired)
-a doll with casual attire for the casual photo shoot
-a dessert, beverage, or other snack

The dollies were practically fighting over who would get the exclusive appointment at the lips/nails/toes bar. I decided to pack April (Tim Gunn brunette) in hopes that I could do something with her sad-looking pony tail, my new Dena (Big Beautiful Doll) since she arrived with slightly scuffed lip color, and Kayla (AA Kelly doll)- a new character whose arrival in Dollton will rock somebody's world in the very near future. 

For the red carpet shoot, I packed Mia Starr. You may recall that she is a television actress. I thought it would be fun to have her receive a Primetime Emmy award. Finding an escort was no easy task. Most of the gentlemen around here are in committed relationships, and their wives and significant others were NOT about to loan them out for the day. Since Trey is still single, he got to be her escort.

For the casual shoot, I packed Grace. You may recall that she has her own floral business (Bloom Service). To thank Georgia Girl for her hospitality, Grace prepared a floral arrangement and a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. I should have taken a picture, but I didn't.

After snacking, talking, and touring the doll rooms (yes, I said rooms with an "s" on the end), it was play time. Georgia Girl showed us how to boil perm the dolls' hair with pipe cleaners. I had originally planned to take April's hair down and restyle it, but it was suggested that I just curl her pony tail. This sounded like a good idea to me, so I gave her some sexy loose curls.

I wish I had thought to take a before picture of Kayla, whose hair was flat and uninspiring. Here she is now with a head full of precious curls.

Next, Georgia Girl demonstrated nail and toe painting. There was a LOT of laughing during this one as some of our group were much better at painting the correct number of toes on the dolls than others. Here Mia shows off her newly painted nails. I did her toes, too...first four, and then six, and finally five...but you can't see them in the photo.

Then the bravest among us gave lip painting a try. I touched up Dena's lip color. Here she is in a dress I made at our April doll club meeting. The workshop was handkerchief dresses.

While the divas waited for their nails and toes to dry, we played some fun trivia games. There were prizes, too. I won a Sparkle Girlz fashion for my word search skills. And then, as if she hadn't already done enough, Georgia Girl handed out the gift boxes she had prepared and personalized for each of us! Each box contained two personalized boutique shopping bags, a mini Pier 1 mirror perfect for dioramas, doll shoes and accessories (sunglasses, belt), and a Live Love Laugh Barbie tank. Ms. R also came bearing gifts. Lately, she's been into making furniture, and she presented each of us with a piece of custom furniture. I got a cute little chair.

Finally, it was time to dress the dolls for the photo shoot. Georgia Girl had prepared a lovely red carpet dio. We took turns posing our ladies and their escorts for photos, and then we got all the dolls together for a group shot. 

We did the same for the casual photo shoot. Looks like Grace has been checking out fancy Atlanta boutiques!

I am so glad I was able to join this fun group of doll enthusiasts for a day of doll play.

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For Phyllis:

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Party's Over (Photo Story)

Walter has accompanied Deirdre to a party at Robyn’s club. It’s an annual soiree that brings together talented artists, musicians, and record label executives.

Are you sure you don’t want anything to eat? (Deirdre)
What I have a taste for isn’t on that buffet table. I’m saving my appetite for you. (Walter)

He bites Deirdre on the ear, and then tries to cop a feel with his free hand. She stops it with her own, and gives him a peck on the cheek to keep things PG. They’re standing in a crowded club, after all.

Well, I’m going over to grab some hors d’oeuvres. I’ll be right back. (Deirdre)

Deirdre bumps into Trey Hightower from PS Records at the food table and they start chatting. After a while, Walter begins to wonder what’s taking her so long to come back. He goes to look for her, and spots her talking and laughing with Trey. He walks over to the table seething.

Hey, Babe. (Deirdre, spotting Walter)

There’s someone I want you to meet. This is Trey Hightower. He’s my contact over at PS Records. Do you remember me telling you that they were interested in signing me to their label? Well, we have been negotiating for the past couple of weeks. We’re still trying to iron out a few details, but Trey here gave me his word that he’d look out for me and help me land the best possible deal. (Deirdre, smiling)

So, you’re the date, huh? (Trey, smiling)
Yes, this is my boyfriend, Walter. (Deirdre)

Your lady is one talented singer, but I’m sure you already know that. My company is very interested in having her. She’s pretty damned demanding, though. (Trey, teasing)

Ha ha, very funny. You’re trying to make me out to be some kind of diva when you know full well that all of my demands have been reasonable.  (Deirdre, laughing)

If you’re free, you guys should join me and my friends in our booth. There are some folks from the company I’d like you to meet. (Trey)

I wish we could, but unfortunately we have to go. (Walter)
Wait. What? (Deirdre, puzzled)

We’re leaving. (Walter)
Trey, would you excuse us for a moment? (Deirdre)

Sure. Take your time. I’ll be waiting just over there in the corner booth. (Trey)

What do you mean we’re leaving? We just go here less than an hour ago. (Deirdre)
I’ve stood here and watched you flirt with that guy right under my nose for long enough. I will not be made a fool of. Party’s over…now let’s go. (Walter)
I’m staying. (Deirdre)

Walter grabs Deirdre’s elbow firmly.

You’re staying? What’s really going on here? You f#@%ing this guy behind my back? Is that how you’re planning to get this record deal? (Walter)
Are you out of your damned mind? (Deirdre)

I’m warning you. Do not make a scene. (Walter)
You’re right. This is neither the time nor the place to be having this conversation. (Deirdre)

Deirdre exits the club quickly. Walter follows her out trying to keep pace, but her steps are brisk with annoyance.
She turns to face him when they get in the car.

Take me home right now. (Deirdre)
You'd like that wouldn't you? Then you could call Trey over for a private after party. (Walter)

You can’t seriously think that? (Deirdre)
I don’t hear you denying it and you sure as hell didn't before. (Walter)

Why the hell would I even respond to such a ludicrous accusation?! (Deirdre)

Deirdre gives Walter the silent treatment until he finally decides to take her home. What she doesn't know is that after she goes inside, he stays parked outside of her condo for the next several hours to make sure Trey doesn't pay her a visit.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Housewarming (Photo Story)

The townhouse is finished (well, close enough) and Thomas and Camille are celebrating with a small potluck dinner. The guests include Camille’s younger sister, Grace and her husband, Darren and their son, Julian plus close friends Matt and Amber and their twin daughters, Macee and Makenna.

Honey, Grace just called. They’re five minutes away. Would you put the appetizers out while I go up and check on the kids? (Camille)

Sure. Just the shrimp tray or everything? (Thomas)
Go ahead and put everything out. (Camille)

Serena, I want you and Tommy to put away your toys. Your cousin and friends will be here soon. (Camille)

Mom, Tommy doesn’t help when I ask him to clean up. (Serena)

You have to sing the clean-up song. Trust me…it works. It’s how I taught you to clean up when you were his age. (Camille)

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share. (Serena, singing)

Tommy starts picking up his toys, and Camille smiles and then turns to leave.

Camille checks her make-up in the bathroom mirror before heading back downstairs. 

Grace, Darren, and Julian have arrived.
Hey, Sis! Where should I put the spaghetti? (Grace)
On the stove is fine. Amber and the gang will be here soon. (Camille)

The place looks great! I’ve been thinking of redoing our living room.  Did you use a decorator? (Grace)
Yes, and she was fabulous. I’ll give you her card. (Camille)

There’s a knock at the door. Thomas welcomes Matt, Amber, and the twins into the townhouse.
Hi, everybody! Congrats on the new house, you guys! The place looks awesome. Let me put the salad and bread down, and then I want a tour. Oh, and I brought dessert, too. (Amber)

You baked? (Camille)

Girl, please! No, I stopped at Tastries to get some fresh bread and decided to grab a cake, too. (Amber)

Hey, Grace. Long time, no see. (Amber)
Yeah, I know. (Grace)

How’s your mother? (Camille)
She is feeling much better since the last time we spoke. (Amber)
And what about Tony? (Camille)
Oh, Tony’s great…better than great- he just got engaged. (Amber)

Engaged? I didn’t know he was seeing anyone. (Camille)

Well, that makes two of us. They’ve only been together for like four months, and I just met her. (Amber)

You sound uncertain. (Grace)
I’m just worried about him. Tony has never been in a long-term relationship, no steady girlfriends, nothing…and suddenly he’s getting married to someone he’s known for a few months. I don’t understand the big rush. (Amber)

*gasp* You don’t think she’s…(Camille)

Girl, you know it’s crossed my mind. I want to ask him, but I can’t figure out how to say it. I’m hoping Mom will get to the bottom of it. (Amber)

Have they met? (Camille)
I honestly don’t know. I just met her for the first time a week ago. Tony brought her to the New Year’s Eve party at the club, but we were never introduced. (Amber)
Well, I want the scoop once you get it. (Camille, laughing)

Alright ladies, fix yourselves a drink and let me show you the upstairs. (Camille)

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Dio Details:
sofa from Vans Doll Treasures
kitchen & refrigerator are Gloria furniture sets customized with black spray paint, black & brown paper squares, and granite Con-Tact paper
Barbie So Real So Now Dining Room (customized with espresso spray paint)
Barbie Story Starter bathroom set (not yet painted)
*Additional details to follow in a later post with complete pictures of each room