Saturday, December 24, 2016

What about Walter? (Photo Story)

Robyn is out of town visiting Deirdre and the new baby. She came prepared to fulfill her end of the bargain if it’s what Deirdre still wants to do or to provide support in any way she can.

How long will you stay up here…permanently? (Robyn)
No, I don’t think so. I’m still trying to figure things out. (Deirdre)

And you’re sure about what you told me on the phone? I promise to support whatever decision you make. I just want you to be certain. (Robyn)

Yes, I’m 110% sure. I lay awake at night while Alyssa sleeps trying to work out the details. Like I said, I’m still trying to figure things out, but I know in my heart that everything will be fine. It just has to be. (Deirdre)

And what about Walter? (Robyn)

What about him? He doesn’t know about Alyssa, nor does he need to. I mean he might know that I was pregnant since that goon snatched my bag at the bus station, but he doesn’t know that I’ve had the baby or that it’s his. He can’t… (Deirdre)

He’ll find out eventually, Dee. You know he will. Better to just confront him head on than to live in secret like some criminal, don’t you think? (Robyn)
I can’t bear the thought of him trying to use Alyssa to manipulate me. (Deirdre)

I understand, but now that you’ve decided to keep the baby… (Robyn)
Whose side are you on?! (Deirdre)

Don’t go there with me. You know I loathe that bastard more than anything, but I’m worried that this could go badly for you if he finds out about it the wrong way. (Robyn)

Well, you can stop worrying. (Deirdre) She busies herself with the baby.

Robyn senses that the matter is closed for now and decides to drop it for the sake of peace.

May I hold my goddaughter, please? (Robyn)

Of course. (Deirdre) She hands over the tiny bundle.

I think she looks like you. (Robyn)

The midwife said the same thing. I was so afraid throughout my pregnancy, you know. Not just that Walter would find me or hurt me but that the baby would be a painful reminder of what he did to me. But when she placed her in my arms and I looked into her angelic face, all the fear and pain melted away. Alyssa restored my faith that I could love again. I've never loved anyone or anything as much as I love her. (Deirdre)

Little Alyssa Rose (Robyn, softly to the baby)

Meanwhile in Dollton, Walter is in bed when he gets a text from Sean. Knowing that Robyn was his best shot at tracking down Deidre, he’s had him keeping tabs on her for months. He reads the text and learns that Robyn just paid a personal visit to a friend out of town and that she made a stop at a baby boutique outside of the city on her way. His heart leaps.

Hey, you. (Rebecca)
It's time for you to go. (Walter)

Oh, are you going in to work? (Rebecca)
No. Get dressed. You can show yourself out. (Walter)

Walter leaves the room to call Sean. Sean answers right away, and they talk for a few minutes.

Should I bring her to you? (Sean, on the phone)
No, send me the address. (Walter)

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  1. Walter is something else! Now Deirdre needs to stop the nonsense and not keep this child from him, that would be too cruel. As for Rebecca?, really 'Jumpoff/side pieces) don't need to know about your whereabouts, lol.

    1. LOL at your comment about jumpoff/side pieces. I understand her hesitation, but she needs to find a way to handle things that isn't unfair to the child.

  2. Walter has issues. He really needs to cut it out. I hope Deidre's plan works.

  3. I hope that Deidre is able to keep her child away from that monster. Great story as always! Little Alyssa Rose is adorable!!!

    1. Isn't she cute? She really does look like a smaller lighter version of her mother. And I feel bad for her because she's innocent in all this.

  4. Oh wow, this could end very badly! I really for sorry for Deirdre and the baby; both are in serious danger with nutty Walter coming after them.

    1. Good point, and it's anybody's guess what that fool plans to say or do when he gets there.

  5. Ut oh, looks like it's about to go down! Once again Deidre is living in some fantasy and doesn't understand the danger that Walter is.

    1. You know, sometimes she acts almost as delusional as he does.

  6. I don't know how I missed this episode! She named her daughter Alyssa! Love that name (you do know that Alyssa is my eldest daughter's name, right?). I think Walter already knows she had his baby. If she intends to come back to Dollton, she is definitely going to have to deal with him. He isn't going to leave her alone. I wish she had at least filed a police report about the rape though. She could use that in any legal proceedings she may have to get involved in to keep him from them. I know! You need get a Superman or Batman doll and have one of those big muscled guys take care of that loser Walter!

    1. Ha ha- I love your Batman/Superman suggestion! Yes, I remember that your oldest daughter is named Alyssa. I've always loved that name. A police report definitely might have helped. CNN did a very interesting story on parental rights for rapists and it's shocking how difficult it is in many states for a rape victim to terminate her attacker's parental rights.

  7. OMG! Rape? New baby? I thought Walter was creepy, but this? Shudder.

    I hope that Deidre gets legal help to keep her baby. That nutjob Walter is not going to leave her alone especially with "his" child. Scary times ahead.

    1. I'm convinced that Walter has some form of mental illness. Deirdre definitely needs to seek legal counsel. Still, it won't be an easy fight. Just last year, Georgia passed a law allowing its courts to terminate the parental rights of a parent who conceived a child through rape BUT like most rapes, this one went unreported. And even if she had reported it, it's highly unlikely that Walter would have been convicted. I don't know how all of that will factor into the equation.