Saturday, March 28, 2015

Insurgent Tris plus Other Purchases

I have the next three photo stories all written out, but I can’t seem to find the time to photograph them. Yet, somehow I’ve managed to find the time to purchase more dolls and doll stuff. I am determined to get the next story in the Friends and Family of Amber series posted before this month is over. In the meantime, though, have a look at what I bought.

I’d been holding on to my TRU reward coupon for over a month, because my closest TRU closed its doors for good in January. My venture to the Duluth store a few weeks ago was a major let down. It simply doesn't compare to the store they closed. Today, since I had to take the girls to the mall for new shoes, I picked a mall close to a different Toys ‘R Us. They were advertising a number of promotions on each doll aisle. I took advantage of the $10 off any $35+ purchase of Barbie dolls, accessories, and/or playsets . I bought the new Insurgent Tris doll and the TRU exclusive AA cheerleader.

I passed on the Tris doll from the first movie, but this one caught my eye because of her spunky short haircut. I worried about having to purchase an articulated body for her since I knew none of the bodies I had on hand would be a match. She has the nostalgic tone, which is quite pale. Articulated options to match this tone include Pop Life Kelly, Frank Sinatra Barbie, and Liv Hayden. I was pleasantly surprised to find that her knees are articulated. I may be able to live with this since she can at least sit comfortably. She does not have molded panties, and either her vest isn’t meant to be unzipped or mine is stuck. Her new name is Tristin Turner, and she is a police detective.

I spotted the cheerleader doll on my last trip. She caught my attention because she has articulation in the elbows and knees and provides a body donor option that is less expensive (at $13.99) than the Barbie Style dolls. With the promotion and my reward coupon, I paid about $8 for her. I forgot to photograph her before the deboxing. Here she is next to Robyn (on the new Barbie Style Grace body) and Amber (on the Barbie Style 2.0 Nikki body ). You can see that her legs are similar to the now discontinued SIS dolls. Also, she has pink molded panties, but thankfully they do not have Barbie printed all over them. The cheerleader I bought is a body donor for my 2014 Holiday Barbie, a new resident who will make an appearance in the coming months. I finally caved and bought one when Walmart marked them down to $7. You will see pictures after her body transplant.

I finally got to see the Fashionistas below in person. I'd only seen these ladies online before today. They are both much prettier in person. identifies both dolls as African American, which surprised me initially. The curly-haired doll is as light in person as she looks in the picture, and while this isn’t the tone that comes to mind when I think of an AA doll, I’ve known plenty of AA girls with this complexion. I am quite tempted to get both of them…oh when does it end? I’ve added 10 residents already this year and I have another 5 on my wish list. I may need an intervention.

And while I’m on the subject of dollies vying for a ticket to Dollton, let me add that the Fifth Harmony dolls are suddenly very interesting to me. When they first came out, I was like “meh” every time someone blogged about them. Lately, I find myself staring at their boxes and contemplating them for longer periods of time on each visit to a store. Tonight I snapped a pic of Ally as I wondered if she would be a good match on a Barbie Style Teresa body. Has anyone rebodied an Ally? If so, I’d like to hear about it. I like Dinah as well, but they didn’t have her at this store.

In other news, I used my Barbie Fan Club reward to buy a second bakery set. I paid 74 cents plus shipping. I'm waiting for another sunny day to paint it to match the first one. I also have new Etsy purchases that will make an appearance in the next photo story.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

NEW Sparkle Girlz Fashions for Spring & Summer

Let's take a break from crazy shall we? I'm referring to the whole Walter & Deirdre drama. I stopped at a Walmart today for an in-store pickup item that wasn't available at any of my neighborhood stores. Fortunately, my journey 20 miles out of the way was rewarded when I strolled down the doll aisle and saw NEW Sparkle Girlz fashions priced at $1.97 each. I tried to get pictures of as many as I could, but to be honest I just don't have the patience to lay them all out neatly for photographs. These pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize in advance if any are dark and/or fuzzy.

In the first picture, you can see the lovely volunteers modeling three of the four fashions I purchased. Jessie and Marisa are wearing Mattel shoes. Lily is wearing the sneakers she came in. I'm showing you the back of Lily's dress, so you can see that it does close. I had a hunch that it would fit her curvy frame, and was delighted to see that I was correct. The straps are tucked in for the photograph. They will need to be lengthened for the dress to fit properly. I don't sew, but even I can handle a task that simple.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Bad Feeling (Photo Story)

Deirdre is at Robyn’s club. The best friends haven’t spoken much in the past couple of weeks so they are catching up.
How was your birthday? I’m sure your new man helped you celebrate in style. (Robyn)
As a matter of fact, he outdid himself. He asked about my favorite cuisine and then he took me to the most amazing Italian restaurant for dinner. (Deirdre)
Ooh, I love me some Italian. Where can I find this amazing restaurant? (Robyn)
Italy. (Deirdre)

What? Shut up! He flew you to Italy for your birthday? (Robyn)

In the company jet! Girl, I was so surprised. He played it cool like we were just going to dinner downtown. (Deirdre)

Robyn notices someone entering the club.

Good, Max is here early. Want a drink? (Robyn)
Who’s Max? (Deirdre)

The new bartender. I had to fire the old guy because he kept coming in late. Can’t be late with the liquor in this biz. (Robyn)
No, I don’t want anything. (Deirdre)

So, what’s going on with you? (Robyn)
What do you mean? (Deirdre)
You’ve been…I don’t know…distant. You hardly ever stop by anymore. And you haven’t called or sent a text in weeks. (Robyn)
(sighs) Walter worries about me spending a lot of time here at the club. Something bad could happen to me or…(Deirdre)

Dee, that’s ridiculous and you know it! (Robyn)
Well, there’s more to it than that. We were talking about our relationship a few weeks ago and he told me he feels like he’s always in last place, like I put my career and friends before him. I’m just trying to spend more time with him to reassure him so he doesn’t feel that way. (Deirdre)

Dee, I want you to be happy. I really do…but this guy sounds overbearing. I’m getting a bad feeling about him. (Robyn)

How can you have a bad feeling when you haven’t even met him? I don’t think he's overbearing…maybe overprotective. I admit he comes on a little strong at times, but I don’t think he can help it. He has to be that way in business. I think he has a hard time switching it off for pleasure. (Deirdre)

Deirdre’s phone rings.

Excuse me a sec, will you? It’s Walter. (Deirdre)
By all means, get it before it goes to voice mail or you’ll be putting him in last place. (Robyn, sarcastically)

Robyn, behave. I did promise that I wouldn’t leave him hanging. (Deirdre)

Deirdre steps away to FaceTime Walter.
Hello. (Deirdre)
Hey, baby. You home? (Walter)
No, I’m out. (Deirdre)
Out where? (Walter)
I came to the club to see Robyn…(Deirdre)
You didn’t mention that you were going to the club. When are you leaving? (Walter)
Actually, I was planning to stay for a while. (Deirdre)
I was hoping we could have dinner together tonight. (Walter)
Lana is performing here tonight and I really want to see her. (Deirdre)
And I really want to see you. But, maybe seeing me isn’t as important to you. (Walter)
How could you even think that? Wait, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you join me here? We could see Lana’s show together. (Deirdre)

Deirdre waits for a response, and then tells Walter how to get to the club. Afterward she rejoins Robyn.

What’s that mischievous grin all about? (Robyn)
You’re meeting him tonight. (Deirdre)
Come again. (Robyn)
He wanted to meet me for dinner, but I convinced him to come here instead. (Deirdre)

When Walter walks in, Max is talking to Deirdre. He’s explaining how he came to be a fan of her music because Robyn plays her songs from time to time at the club.

Walter! Over here. (Deirdre)

Hey, Babe. (Walter)

You made it. Were my directions okay? (Deirdre)
Walter doesn’t answer. He’s looking at Max.

First time here? What’s up man? I’m Max- the new bartender.
Max extends his hand for Walter to shake, but Walter just looks at him.

Ummm, can I get you two anything? (Max, dropping his hand)
Yeah, some space. (Walter)

Alrighty then. (Max, glancing awkwardly at Deirdre before walking away)

So what were you two talking about? (Walter)
Believe it or not, Max is a fan. (Deirdre, smiling)
Oh, I can believe it. I saw the way he was looking at you. I didn't like it. (Walter)
I'm sure it was harmless. Besides, I'm all yours, remember? Now, come on. I want you to meet Robyn. (Deirdre)

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