Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Disappearing Act (Photo Story)

In the months since their break-up, Walter has been drinking heavily. Finally, he can’t help himself. He picks up his cell phone and dials Deirdre’s number, only to find that her cell number is no longer in service. He leaves a message on her home phone instead.

Baby, it’s me. I miss you. Please call me. I need to talk to you. (Walter, on the phone)

The phone rings, and Walter answers quickly, thinking it might be Deirdre calling him back.  It’s not. It's Sean with some upsetting news.

What do you mean she’s disappeared? (Walter)

Sean explains that he hasn’t seen Deirdre come or go for at least a week.

That’s ridiculous! How could she just vanish without a trace? Find her…fast. Get some more guys on the job, and tell them I’m prepared to offer a large sum of cash to the man who finds her first. (Walter)

Sean agrees to assemble a team of private investigators.

Wait, I need something else, too. This situation has me stressed. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. And I can barely function at work. I need something to take the edge off. (Walter)

Sean understands and agrees to meet Walter in his office later that evening.

Walter can think of only one person who would definitely know where to find Deirdre. He puts on shoes, grabs his keys, and heads out the door.

Robyn spots Walter talking to the bartender. “What the he!!?” she mutters to herself as she crosses the room.

You’re just the person I was asking to see. (Walter)
You’ve got some nerve coming here. (Robyn)

Listen, I’m worried about Deirdre. I haven’t heard from her in weeks. (Walter)
With any luck, you’ll never hear from her again. (Robyn)
What’s that supposed to mean? (Walter)

I know what you did. And if I had my way, you’d be sitting in jail right now. (Robyn)
I don’t know what you’re talking about. (Walter)
Don’t play stupid with me, you wretched SOB. Get out…now or I’ll have you thrown out on your @ss. (Robyn)
It was a misunderstanding... (Walter)

Andres, show Mr. O’Dair the exit, please. And tell my man at the door that he is never to return. (Robyn)

Walter waits inside his office for Sean. Sean enters with Walter's package in his hand as he takes a seat.

Tell me you’ve got some good news for me.
Well, I have news. I’ll let you decide whether it’s good or bad.

One of my guys, Buzz, spotted Miss Rose at a Greyhound station.
At a Greyhound station… are you sure? Was she going somewhere?

I’m positive about the location, but he couldn’t tell for sure if she was traveling or not. He wasn’t careful enough, and he spooked her when he snapped the picture on his phone. As soon as she made him, she bolted out of there, but not before getting the attention of a bus station employee and murmuring something in his ear. She dropped a bunch of stuff when she made a run for it. Buzz had just enough time to grab the papers she dropped before the Greyhound employee started heading his way. He had to make a run for it, too. Here are the things she was carrying. I don’t know if there’s anything useful there.

Walter looks through the pile, which mostly looks like reading material for the bus. A notepad catches his eye, and something slips from between the pages. He stares at it for a long time without saying anything. Sean leans over to see what has him transfixed.

Is that a… sonogram? (Sean)
Oh, it’s much more than that.  (Walter)

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