Friday, March 31, 2017

The Easy Way or the Hard Way? (Photo Story)

Deirdre hears a noise and thinks it’s Suze (the woman she’s renting the house from) coming to check on her and the baby.

Suze, is that you? (Deirdre)

There’s no response. She picks up the phone on the table nearby, but there’s no dial tone, which causes her heart to race.

She remembers that her cell phone is charging in the living room. She considers grabbing her sleeping baby and running, but knows that waking her suddenly will cause her to cry, giving away their location in the house.

She decides to try to retrieve her phone, hoping that the noise she heard was nothing to worry about.

She peeks into the hall and then tiptoes toward the living room. When she turns the corner, she sees a sight that nearly makes her heart stop.

What the he!! are you doing here? How did you find me? Why have you come? (Deirdre, becoming hysterical)
Walter’s eyes travel to Deirdre’s mostly flat belly.

It’s alright. Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you. I know about our baby. (Walter, speaking slowly)
Whatever you think you know is wrong. (Deirdre)

Don’t lie to me. We promised never to lie to each other, remember? I admit that at first I was upset that you would keep this from me, but I’m not mad anymore. The entire time we were apart, I could feel something powerful drawing me back to you. Don’t you see? It was our baby willing us to be together. I’m here now, and we can be a… (Walter)
I got rid of it, so just leave me alone. (Deirdre)

Walter speaks to someone else in the room, startling Deirdre because she thought he was alone.
Go check it out. (Walter)

No! (Deirdre)
Walter grabs her as she struggles to go after Sean.

Sean returns holding Alyssa.
Get your filthy hands off her!! Give her to me! (Deirdre)

Sean hands the baby to Walter.
Walter, give her to me now. (Deirdre)

Walter, who seems overcome with emotion, ignores her request. Instead he turns away and whispers quietly to the baby.

Walter, listen to me. You should go ahead and leave while you can, before I call the cops. (Deirdre)
How are you going to call the police without a phone? By the time they get here, we’ll be long gone. There’s no proof of forced entry. It’ll be your word against mine. (Walter)

I’m begging you to please just leave us alone. (Deirdre)
I’m not leaving until I get what I want. (Walter)

What is it that you want? (Deirdre)
I want you and our baby to come with me. (Walter)

Never. (Deirdre)
You can’t keep her from me. You have to know that. My blood runs through her veins. (Walter)

What are you saying? (Deirdre)

I’m saying we can do this the easy way…or the hard way. (Walter)

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  1. Nooooo! Get your hands off of that baby, Walter! OMG, this was tense. I want to call the police for her! Doesn't she have a Bat signal or something so a superhero can come to the rescue???? As you can tell, I am so upset with Walter finding her, but I knew he was on her trail. This guy needs to be in jail! What is she gonna do?? I hope we don't have to be in suspense too long!!! 😱πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜΅πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“

    1. LOL A bat signal would definitely come in handy. Deirdre might have to beat Walter at his own game. I know it's not her style, but it's time for a new approach.

  2. Walter is the epitome of creepy. 😷 I wish Diedre were Jennifer Lopez prepared like in the movie Enough, Lol.

    Great episode.

    1. Thanks, stardoll. I loved JLo in Enough. I know Deirdre doesn't want to get her hands dirty, but she needs some "muscle" to put Walter in check.

  3. My mouth literally dropped open when Walter told his goon to go look for the baby. I thought he had crossed the line before, but this is ridiculous. I hope Deidre goes Momma Lion on his behind over her baby.

    BTW, I was so happy to see a new episode.

    1. Thanks, Jaye. Yes, it's time for Deirdre's maternal instincts to kick into overdrive. She's going to have to think fast (and much more clearly than she has been) to keep that creep away from her baby.

  4. I have no faith in Deidre and her choices. She has made so many missteps I would not be surprised if she goes back to him. I don't even think a Captain Save A Ho would help at this point.

    1. Oh come on, Muff...don't give up on Deirdre just yet. Some people have to be backed into a corner to find their will to fight. I'm keeping hope alive that she will figure out how to beat Walter at his own game.

  5. Great episode!

    Walter is a monster! I hope that he does not take the baby. I was hoping that her bestie was going to keep the baby for awhile or atleast until things died down. I would go with my child. She would have to come up with a plan to ge away from Walter's wrath.

    I was super excited to see a post from you!

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl. No doubt if he tries to take the baby, she will follow to keep her safe. It's what I would do, too.

  6. Girl, I was gasping from the moment I knew the phone was dead. Great episode. I'm with Muff on this one. Deidre has not made the best choices. The baby wouldn't even be here if she hadn't foolishly gone over to "keep him from committing suicide". Not having ever called the police, she may have a hard time convincing the authorities that Walter is a threat. So sad. She will have to go with him if he decides to take the baby. I really feel for her. Can't wait to see what happens next!

    1. Hey, Vanessa! Don't you and Muff go counting my girl out just yet. If the rape wasn't the last straw, then maybe this will be. You're right about her making it harder on herself by not reporting his foolishness to the police before now. Then again, considering the cash and clout he has, it may not have mattered much if she had.

  7. Yeah, when I read about the phone being dead, I thought, "Uh-oh. She's a gone-er."

    Given this is Deidre and Walter, I think she'll go with him. She has to, to keep access to her baby. Walter won't let go the child. Shudder at the thought of him bringing up a girl-child. Wait, shudder to think him of with any child, regardless of gender. Exciting for us to follow, but rather sad for them.

    Frivolous aside: Walter and Deidre wear some sharp clothes.

    1. I agree with you on all points, D7ana. That whackadoodle has no business bringing up a child. And yep they are one sharp, albeit dysfunctional, couple. Thanks.

  8. Wow, this episode was intense. Part of me feels like Deidre should have expected this sooner or later, especially since she knows how Walter is. She really should have taken better precautions against Walter finding her.

    1. I agree, Champagne Star. Deirdre is going to have to stop underestimating Walter. This experience should be an eye-opener for her.