Monday, December 28, 2015

The Christmas Party (Photo Story)

A few days before Christmas, Larissa has her kids and grandkids over for the Scott family’s annual Christmas gathering. Tony figured this was the perfect opportunity for Lea and Kayla to meet everyone.

So, how are your plans for the big day coming along? (Amber)
Great, actually. I hired a wedding planner, and she’s fabulous. Most of the big decisions have been made, like the venues, florist, DJ, and caterer… and of course my dress. All that’s left to do is choose the cake and hire a photographer. (Brandy)
Is my mother planning the honeymoon? (Amber)
Yes, and she surprised us by offering to pay for it, too. It’s our wedding present. We’re meeting with her next month to choose from a list of South American destinations, which I understand is her specialty. (Brandy)

It’s true. She’ll book trips for clients anywhere they wish to go, but she’s an expert on trips to South America, having spent so much time there growing up. (Amber)
Your grandmother was from Brazil, right? (Brandy)
Mmm hmm and Mom’s taken dozens of trips there. She’s  also been to Chile and Argentina. (Amber)

Tony looks at a text on his phone and then goes over to Brandy.

Lea just sent me a text. She and Kayla are outside. I’ll be right back. Would you grab the gifts from the other room? (Tony)
Sure. (Brandy)

Hey, look who’s here everybody! (Tony)
Kayla! (Makenna, running over to her little cousin)
Babe, come say hello. (Tony, to Brandy)

Brandy walks over with her arms full of presents.

Lea, this is my fiancée, Brandy. (Tony)
Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you. (Lea)
Same here. (Brandy)

Honey, what would you like me to do with these? (Brandy)
I’ll take them. Alright, I’ve got gifts for all my princesses, so gather ‘round! (Tony)

Matt and Amber enter from the other room with Macee. Tony hands gifts to his nieces and gives Kayla a teddy bear.

Hi, I’m Amber, Tony’s sister. This is my husband, Matthew. You must be Lea? (Amber)
I am. It’s nice to meet you both. (Lea)
It’s a pleasure. (Matt)

Tony picks up Kayla and then turns his attention back to Lea and the others.

I’m gonna take them to the kitchen to meet Mom. (Tony)

Tony carries Kayla into the dining room where Larissa is adding more goodies to the table.

Mom, look who’s here. (Tony)
This here is Kayla and her mother, Lea. (Tony)
Well, hello you two. I’m so glad to finally meet you. (Larissa)

The pleasure is all mine, ma’am. You have a beautiful home. (Lea)
Thank you. (Larissa)

My, what an adorable little angel you are! Would you like a gingerbread cookie? (Larissa)

Larissa helps Kayla choose a cookie from the table while Tony chats with Lea.

Do you have plans for Christmas? (Tony)
We’re not going anywhere if that’s what you mean. Why, what’s up? (Lea)
I was hoping it’d be alright for me to bring Kayla’s presents by. Brandy and I went a little overboard with the shopping, so there were way too many gifts to bring them all tonight. (Tony)
Of course, that would be fine. (Lea, smiling)

In the living room, Kayla plays with her cousins. Lea, feeling like a fifth wheel, decides to get some air on the patio.

I brought you one of my mom’s gingerbread cookies. (Tony)
Kayla is a beautiful little girl. (Brandy)
Yeah, and she’s smart, too. (Tony)
Sooo, her mom is like what, 20? (Brandy)
She’s 23. (Tony)
Geez, Tony. (Brandy, rolling her eyes)

Amber joins Lea on the patio.

You okay out here? (Amber)
Yeah, just getting some air. (Lea)

Tony told me you moved here from California. Are you settling in okay? (Amber)
I am, thanks for asking. I’ve found a nice apartment and I’ve got a part-time job giving riding lessons at the McGraws' horse ranch. (Lea)
How long have you been riding? (Amber)
Since I was a little girl. My father owned horses, and I was around them constantly until he and my mom divorced. (Lea)

I’ve always wanted to ride a horse, and I bet my girls would love something like that. (Amber)
I could give you all lessons. (Lea)
I’d love that! Let me get your number, and we’ll talk more about it. (Amber)

Macee and Makenna are on holiday until January 11th. We should get the girls together and do something before they have to go back to school. (Amber)
Kayla and I would really like that. (Lea)

When Amber returns, Matt eyes her suspiciously.

What are you up to now? (Matt)
Why do I have to be up to something? I’m just welcoming Lea into the family. I feel like I should get to know her better. (Amber)

And by “get to know her” you mean get inside her head and find out what her intentions are? (Matt)
That’s not a crime as far as I know. (Amber)

Maybe not, but I get the feeling that her intentions are sincere. (Matt)
I’ll be the judge of that. (Amber)

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  1. Nice story! Just the right amount of drama. So what is Lea up to??? Look forward to more of the story! Happy New Year!

    1. Phyllis, I had to have a low-drama story line to offset the high drama of Walter & Deirdre's story line- lol. I know Lea still has a soft spot for Tony, but I really don't think she's up to anything. Time will tell.

  2. Amber was smart making arrangements for riding lessons. That way she can get closer and check her out. LOL

    1. grandmommy, that's exactly what she intends to do. I'm shocked that you are in support of Amber's antics- LOL

  3. Awesome photo story as always!! This is interesting. Lea looks so I am curious as to what is it that Amber sees. Looking forward to the wedding :-) I am so far behind on my planning. Lol! I have pushed it back so many times. I am now on the 4th day. Lol!

    1. Georgia Girl, Amber and Tony have always been overprotective of one another- must be a twin thing. I'll go ahead and admit that there will be some drama down the road. Lea will be involved, but she won't be the one who starts it. I'm anxious for Julianna and Jabari's wedding, because I know it will be a snazzy affair. And I know it's getting close because in one of your recent stories, you said it was just a few months away...yay!

  4. Tony, Amber and their mom ate a good looking family.

    1. Thanks, AG Lanc. Tony is a handsome guy, Amber is gorgeous and steals every scene she's in, and Larissa is quite convincing as their mother.


    1. Thanks, Ladonna! The dollies actually proved difficult to dress this time. Amber stole Lea's pants at the last minute forcing me to find her a suitable alternative, and Tony refused to wear the khakis I laid out with his fleece pullover- LOL

  6. If I were Amber, I would be a little suspicious too. I have to give it to Brandy, she is pretty secure in her relationship. This is a good story. I am so looking forward to seeing how this wedding goes.

    1. Thanks, Janainah. Yes, Brandy is feeling secure in her relationship...for now at least ;)

  7. Lea is an interesting character (and she's a beauty in a lovely outfit :-) ). I can understand Amber's motives, and she chose a good opportunity to find out things (if there is anything to find out of course).
    Mother looks lovely, and I love the kids!

    1. I agree that Lea is a beauty, and Larissa is probably the world's chicest grandma- lol. If there's anything to find out, Amber will be sure to get to the bottom of it. Thanks for commenting, Linda.

  8. Is that a KidKraft house I see in the background? Lol. Did you get permission to rent out that house? That house is on my list. I recognized it from the cute patio. Lea is alright in my book. Anyone who chooses the red velvet cake, can't be all bad. Can they? I think Amber could be playing a dangerous game. She could get close to Lea, thinking she's just going to find out her intentions, but she could start really liking Lea as a person, and then find herself rooting for Lea and Tony to get back together. I love the way Brandy is handling things. I hope her heart doesn't get broken in the end. If it does, please let her know that she's handling herself like a true lady should.

    1. Vanessa, I was *this* close to having that house to myself. Would you believe Mara actually gave it to her little sister a few days ago?! We were in the doll room and the 3-year-old (who actually plays with the house) was arranging furniture and big sister goes, "You can have it Maya since I never play with it." I was thinking to myself, "Great, it'll be easier to seize now." I couldn't have been more wrong. As soon as I started renovating, the tiny one had something to say about it: "What are you doing in my Barbie's house? Put my stairs back in the house"- LOL And since I've already written the next two episodes, I'll go ahead and confirm that Amber and Lea do become close friends. I don't know what happens beyond that, but favoring the ex over the fiancee could be a problem down the road as you suggested.

    2. Lol! Maya is on the case. You won't be nabbing her Barbie house anytime soon.

  9. I love the story and the dolls. You have one doll one doll I would love to have... your Amber.

    1. Thanks, Ms. Leo. I hope you're able to add her to your collection one day. She's a gorgeous doll. She was an instant favorite when I got her.

  10. Sincere my fat butt! I'm with Amber. I'll be the judge of Lea's intentions. She keeps a kid from his father for years and just comes strolling back all la de da? Mmm hmm.

    Great story!

    1. Muff, you are too funny! LOL @ "strolling back all la de da" Thanks for the compliment on the story.

    2. Muff, you are too funny! LOL @ "strolling back all la de da" Thanks for the compliment on the story.