Monday, July 14, 2014

The Time Has Come

It seems that my love for fashion dolls started with Peaches and Cream Barbie (1985). I don’t know if she was my first Barbie doll or not, but she certainly made an impression on me. Maybe it was her gorgeous gown, maybe it was her pretty face, or maybe it was because her cocoa complexion was like my own. I don’t remember having many black dolls as a young girl. Black dolls were not as readily available back then as they are now. My family did not have the money to indulge my love for Barbie, so I mainly dreamt of the things I saw in the Sears Wish Book and took every opportunity I got to enjoy the fashion dolls of my friends.

I’m a girly girl right down to my core, so as much as I loved buying trucks and action figures for my son (my oldest child), I longed for the day when I could buy my daughter  all the little girl toys that I wanted but never had, especially Barbie dolls. When my eldest daughter was born I knew the wait would soon be over. Every Christmas and birthday brought us closer to the time when we could play dolls together. According to Mattel most Barbie merchandise is suitable for ages 3 and up, but I decided to wait a while longer. I wanted to be sure Mara would be able to take good care of her dolls and accessories and truly engage in our playtime.  Finally, the time has come.

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