Monday, December 28, 2015

The Christmas Party (Photo Story)

A few days before Christmas, Larissa has her kids and grandkids over for the Scott family’s annual Christmas gathering. Tony figured this was the perfect opportunity for Lea and Kayla to meet everyone.

So, how are your plans for the big day coming along? (Amber)
Great, actually. I hired a wedding planner, and she’s fabulous. Most of the big decisions have been made, like the venues, florist, DJ, and caterer… and of course my dress. All that’s left to do is choose the cake and hire a photographer. (Brandy)
Is my mother planning the honeymoon? (Amber)
Yes, and she surprised us by offering to pay for it, too. It’s our wedding present. We’re meeting with her next month to choose from a list of South American destinations, which I understand is her specialty. (Brandy)

It’s true. She’ll book trips for clients anywhere they wish to go, but she’s an expert on trips to South America, having spent so much time there growing up. (Amber)
Your grandmother was from Brazil, right? (Brandy)
Mmm hmm and Mom’s taken dozens of trips there. She’s  also been to Chile and Argentina. (Amber)

Tony looks at a text on his phone and then goes over to Brandy.

Lea just sent me a text. She and Kayla are outside. I’ll be right back. Would you grab the gifts from the other room? (Tony)
Sure. (Brandy)

Hey, look who’s here everybody! (Tony)
Kayla! (Makenna, running over to her little cousin)
Babe, come say hello. (Tony, to Brandy)

Brandy walks over with her arms full of presents.

Lea, this is my fiancée, Brandy. (Tony)
Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you. (Lea)
Same here. (Brandy)

Honey, what would you like me to do with these? (Brandy)
I’ll take them. Alright, I’ve got gifts for all my princesses, so gather ‘round! (Tony)

Matt and Amber enter from the other room with Macee. Tony hands gifts to his nieces and gives Kayla a teddy bear.

Hi, I’m Amber, Tony’s sister. This is my husband, Matthew. You must be Lea? (Amber)
I am. It’s nice to meet you both. (Lea)
It’s a pleasure. (Matt)

Tony picks up Kayla and then turns his attention back to Lea and the others.

I’m gonna take them to the kitchen to meet Mom. (Tony)

Tony carries Kayla into the dining room where Larissa is adding more goodies to the table.

Mom, look who’s here. (Tony)
This here is Kayla and her mother, Lea. (Tony)
Well, hello you two. I’m so glad to finally meet you. (Larissa)

The pleasure is all mine, ma’am. You have a beautiful home. (Lea)
Thank you. (Larissa)

My, what an adorable little angel you are! Would you like a gingerbread cookie? (Larissa)

Larissa helps Kayla choose a cookie from the table while Tony chats with Lea.

Do you have plans for Christmas? (Tony)
We’re not going anywhere if that’s what you mean. Why, what’s up? (Lea)
I was hoping it’d be alright for me to bring Kayla’s presents by. Brandy and I went a little overboard with the shopping, so there were way too many gifts to bring them all tonight. (Tony)
Of course, that would be fine. (Lea, smiling)

In the living room, Kayla plays with her cousins. Lea, feeling like a fifth wheel, decides to get some air on the patio.

I brought you one of my mom’s gingerbread cookies. (Tony)
Kayla is a beautiful little girl. (Brandy)
Yeah, and she’s smart, too. (Tony)
Sooo, her mom is like what, 20? (Brandy)
She’s 23. (Tony)
Geez, Tony. (Brandy, rolling her eyes)

Amber joins Lea on the patio.

You okay out here? (Amber)
Yeah, just getting some air. (Lea)

Tony told me you moved here from California. Are you settling in okay? (Amber)
I am, thanks for asking. I’ve found a nice apartment and I’ve got a part-time job giving riding lessons at the McGraws' horse ranch. (Lea)
How long have you been riding? (Amber)
Since I was a little girl. My father owned horses, and I was around them constantly until he and my mom divorced. (Lea)

I’ve always wanted to ride a horse, and I bet my girls would love something like that. (Amber)
I could give you all lessons. (Lea)
I’d love that! Let me get your number, and we’ll talk more about it. (Amber)

Macee and Makenna are on holiday until January 11th. We should get the girls together and do something before they have to go back to school. (Amber)
Kayla and I would really like that. (Lea)

When Amber returns, Matt eyes her suspiciously.

What are you up to now? (Matt)
Why do I have to be up to something? I’m just welcoming Lea into the family. I feel like I should get to know her better. (Amber)

And by “get to know her” you mean get inside her head and find out what her intentions are? (Matt)
That’s not a crime as far as I know. (Amber)

Maybe not, but I get the feeling that her intentions are sincere. (Matt)
I’ll be the judge of that. (Amber)

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Incognito (Photo Story)

This story line is intended for mature audiences.

Previously in Stay with Me, Walter's desperation peaked with a "suicide attempt." When Deirdre came to the aid of a drunken and intoxicated Walter, she wound up the victim of an attack. Upon realizing what he did, Walter contacted the head of his security team and arranged a meeting.

We may have a situation. Can I depend on you to handle it…discreetly? (Walter)
My record speaks for itself. You know I’ll do whatever it takes. (Sean)

You know that singer I’ve been seeing for the past year, right? Well we were partying at my place last night. Nothing too crazy- just cocktails and a few pills. Still, she got pretty fired up and wanted me to put it on her kind of rough. (Walter)
Whether they admit it or not, they all like that rough stuff. They want a man to take charge. (Sean, chuckling)

Well, I gave her what she wanted. I got a little scratched up in the process, but it was all in fun. Later on, we got into this huge argument and I broke up with her. She didn’t take that too well. Now, I’m concerned about her emotional state. She might decide to claim our partying wasn’t consensual, if you know what I mean. (Walter)

Sean nods to show he understands.

What would you like me to do? (Sean)

4 weeks later, Robyn enters the café and looks around for Deirdre. She doesn’t see her friend anywhere, so she takes a seat at a table and orders a coffee. After sitting for 20 minutes, she begins to wonder what the he!! is up with her best friend. Deirdre’s been MIA for weeks with no one seeing or hearing from her. Then out of the blue she calls like everything is fine and wants to meet for coffee. Robyn agreed, and now it appears that she’s been stood up. Robyn can feel it in her gut that Walter has something, if not everything, to do with this. When the waitress comes back to check on her for the fourth time, she tries to ask for the check, but Valencia interrupts her.

Your friend says don’t leave just yet. She’s coming over right now. (Valencia)

Before Robyn can respond, Valencia walks off and Robyn is joined by an auburn-haired woman in a dark coat and dark glasses.

Sorry to keep you waiting like that. I had to make sure it was safe to come over. (Deidre, whispering)
Deirdre?! Why the he!! are you wearing that wig? (Robyn)
Shhh…keep your voice down. I can explain this. I can explain everything, just not here. I think he’s having me followed. Can we go somewhere to talk? (Deirdre)

At the club, the ladies enter Robyn’s office and lock the door.

Now tell me what the he!! is going on! (Robyn)
Please try not to be hysterical. (Deirdre)
What do you expect?! My best friend goes missing for weeks and when you resurface, you’re in a café incognito talking like someone’s after you. And I just know this has something to do with that SOB Walter! (Robyn)

Deirdre tells Robyn everything starting with what really happened at the party to what happened when she came to Walter’s aid. She breaks down crying when she tells her about the rape. Robyn sits in stunned silence.

Well go on, say “I told you so.” Tell me how naïve I’ve been to think that Walter wouldn’t hurt me. (Deirdre)
That’s not what I was going to say. I was going to say that you need to report him to the police. (Robyn, frowning)

Now, you’re being naïve. Walter O’Dair is one of the wealthiest and most sought after men in this town. No one is going to believe he... 
She tries but can't bring herself to say the word "raped."
 And even if they did, there’s no way he’d be arrested much less prosecuted for it. Besides, I’m partly to blame for what happened. I shouldn’t have gone over there. It was a stupid thing to do. (Deirdre)

The only stupid thing to do is blame yourself for what happened. You may have walked into his trap, but you didn’t make him the jerk that he is. He alone is responsible for his actions, and he alone should be punished for them. (Robyn)

That may be true, but everyone knows we used to be a couple. If I go after him, his people will just make me out to be some bitter ex trying to ruin his good name. And they’ll ruin mine in the process. (Deirdre, shaking her head)
Probably, but it burns me up to think of him getting away with this. Dee, we have to make him pay somehow. (Robyn)

The only thing I have to do right now is get him out of my life and keep him out. (Deirdre)
Well, how badly do you want him gone, because I know a guy… (Robyn)
Robyn, that’s not funny! (Deirdre)
Who said I was joking? Do I look like I’m joking? Payback’s a b!tch. (Robyn)

Stop it. I can’t get all tangled up in some plot for revenge. I have a life and my career to think about. (Deirdre)
First, we make him pay, and then you’ll have the closure you need to go on with your life. (Robyn)
I wasn’t talking about my own life. (Deirdre)

Robyn looks at Deirdre and immediately understands.

No!! You are not having a baby by that @ss hole. He’ll just use it to… (Robyn)
Well, what would you have me do? Never mind, don’t answer that. (Deirdre)

Look, I have enough regrets without adding one more to the list. But I have an idea…an insane idea…and I’ll need your help to pull it off. (Deirdre)
Sure, Dee...whatever you need. (Robyn)
You might want to hear what it is first. (Deirdre)

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'Tis the Season- Christmas Giveaway #2 Winner

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

'Tis the Season to be Dolly- Christmas Giveaway 2 of 3

This year, I’m celebrating the Christmas season with a series of giveaways. Since I am not crafty, I’ve purchased items from some of my favorite Etsy sellers for the giveaways. There will be giveaways from the following categories: fashion, food, and furniture. Here are Nathan and Hilary to introduce the food giveaway.

Hi, everyone! (Nathan & Hillary)

Here’s a random fact that some of you may not know. Jewell’s favorite food is Italian cuisine. It should come as no surprise then that we have fine Italian dining right here in Dollton. I’ve brought my wife, Hilary to Cucina Primo for dinner to introduce the second giveaway. (Nathan)

Nathan and I are eating food by Nommy Miniatures. Check out Nommy Miniatures on Etsy. (Hilary)

The winner of this giveaway will receive two plated dinners: one chicken parmesan with green beans and one mushroom ravioli. All blog readers age 18 and over are eligible to enter. If under 18, then you must have a parent’s permission. To enter, type Fa la la la food in the comments section. Entries must be received by midnight on December 19th. The winner will be announced on December 20th via this blog and will have one week to claim his/her prize. Jewell will ship your prize within one week at no cost to you. (waiter)

Merry Christmas and Good Luck! (Both)

Wait, just one minute! I happen to know that Jewell loves cookies and cakes, too, so I'm crashing this food giveaway to make sure you get your just "desserts". (Dena)

As you can see, I've been baking up a storm. I had some help from Vanessa, who crafted all of the desserts you see in this post. Check out Van's Doll Treasures on Etsy. (Dena)

I have some pies cooling below, but today I'm giving away something extra special. My daughter, Ally, is coming home for Christmas. Whenever she comes home to visit, I bake her favorite dessert- tres leches cake. 

The winner of the dinners above will receive this mouthwatering cake with fresh strawberries and kiwi as a bonus. Merry Christmas and Good Luck! (Dena)

'Tis the Season- Christmas Giveaway #1 WINNER

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*The winner was selected using's True Random Number Generator. Thanks  to all who participated. Check back (much) later today for Christmas giveaway #2. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

'Tis the Season to be Dolly- Christmas Giveaway 1 of 3

Last Christmas, I was inspired by Brini’s generous giveaways. And as the lucky winner of one of those giveaways, I know firsthand how much fun it is to participate and win an awesome prize. This year, I’m paying it forward with my own series of Christmas giveaways. Thanks be to God for all the blessings and favor I have experienced this year, and for providing the resources to start this new tradition. Since I am not crafty, I’ve purchased items from some of my favorite Etsy sellers for the giveaways. There will be giveaways from the following categories: fashion, food, and furniture. Here are Tobias and Takeshi to introduce the fashion giveaway.

What's up, everybody? (Tobias & Takeshi)

This giveaway is for the Homme boys. Jewell had planned to feature a fashion for the ladies, but changed her mind after Georgia Girl mentioned needing clothes for her guys. (Tobias)

Tobias and I are both dressed in fashions by Hazel Street Dezigns. Check out HSD on Etsy. And you can find even more styles on Kimberlee’swebsite. (Takeshi)

The winner of the giveaway will receive this pair of slim-fit jeans in black denim, just like the pair worn by Takeshi. (Tobias)

The winner will also receive this raglan tee in steel gray with black and white sleeves. Tobias is modeling the raglan tee in a different color combination. (Takeshi)

All blog readers age 18 and over are eligible to enter. If under 18, then you must have a parent’s permission. To enter, type Fa la la la fashion in the comments section. Entries must be received by midnight on December 14th. The winner will be announced on December 15th via this blog, and will have one week to claim his/her prize. Jewell will ship your prize within one week at no cost to you. 

Merry Christmas and Good Luck!