Monday, October 31, 2016

Etsy Treats

Happy Halloween!

No tricks, just sharing some treats that I recently bought. Items crafted by a seller I hadn't hear of, DollyDelectables, came up in my list of Etsy picks one day, so I decided to check 'em out. What I found were some great, reasonably priced miniature food items. Here are some quick pics to show you what I bought.

I bought the large vegetable tray below. It came with several loose pieces, like the celery stick in Grace's hand. Camille recently decided to start a book club. Here she is with her sister Grace, best friend Amber, and new neighbor Chandra at their first meeting.

Miniature books by Hey, it's Muff- Love them!

Here's the baked mac 'n cheese that Camille made for Sunday dinner. It also came with six individual servings and a lidded bowl to store them in...petite and practical.

Millicent wants a traditional holiday dinner this year, so I ordered this cornbread platter and bowl of candied yams. She says if any of you know where she can get some 1:6 scale collard greens, to please let us know.

And she was sweet enough to show off the beef kabobs, too. There's a new Barbie grill coming out soon, and my guys can't wait. It's NOT pink.

And quite possibly my favorite treat of all is this sheath dress from AtelierniShasha. When I ordered this OOAK dress for Poppy Parker, I didn't even own a Poppy Parker. Well, I do now! Check her out in Shasha's gorgeous dress. Her name is Portia.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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