Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stay with Me (Photo Story)

The following episode contains violence which may be disturbing to some readers. 
Reader discretion is advised.

After a tense unexpected encounter with Walter at the record company, Deirdre decides to wait another day before returning home. She comes home and finds her home answering machine full. She listens to the messages while fixing herself some herbal tea. When she hears the very last message, left earlier that same day, she drops her tea cup and it smashes on the floor.

“I can’t go on like this. I’m in too much pain. The pills aren’t helping like they’re supposed to…maybe if I take all of them. I’ve been thinking about how my life was like the sweetest dream when you were in it. Then you left, and my dream turned into a nightmare. And since I can’t seem to wake up from this nightmare, I’ve decided to just go to sleep for good. I know folks will struggle to understand the pain I’m in, so I'm leaving a note to explain.  I want you to know that I love you, even though it hurts to have you not love me back.” (Walter, on the answering machine)

Deirdre panics at the thought of Walter killing himself over their breakup. She phones him several times in a row, thinking maybe she can dissuade him, but one line is busy and his mobile number goes straight to voice mail. Not sure what else to do, she jumps in the car and rushes over to his place hoping she’s not too late. The guard in the lobby knows her and allows her to go right on up. She finds the door unlocked, so she lets herself in.

Walter? Walter? (Deirdre)

She finds him in the bedroom. He appears to be unconscious.

Walter! Please wake up. (Deirdre, shaking him)

Walter comes around, but his vision is blurry and his mind is cloudy from the alcohol and pills he’s consumed.

Walter, talk to me. What did you take? Where are the pills? (Deirdre)

He answers, but his response is incoherent.

Walter, look at me. I need you to tell me where the pills are. (Deirdre)
Gone…took them all. (Walter, in a whisper)
You took them all? How many? What did you take? (Deirdre)

I knew I’d get through to you. I knew you’d come back to me. (Walter)
Listen, me being here doesn’t change anything. We’re not back together. (Deirdre)
Can’t you see? You came because you care. (Walter)
Of course I care whether you live or die. I came to help you. (Deirdre)

You want to help me? You can put an end to my pain right now. Stay with me, and promise you’ll never leave me like this again. (Walter)
That’s not the kind of help you need. You need to get to a hospital. (Deirdre)

Either let me die or give me a reason to live. (Walter, shaking his head angrily)
Let me get you some help. Who can I call? (Deirdre)
Would you at least let me hold you? It’s been so long since I held you. I miss you so much. (Walter)

Walter grabs Deirdre firmly and kisses her. His breath reeks of whiskey.

Walter, stop! (Deirdre, backing away)
Don’t you miss me? (Walter, gripping her even more tightly and kissing her roughly)
Stop ir! You’re drunk, and you’re hurting me. (Deirdre, struggling)

I know you want this as much as I do. (Walter, forcing Deirdre down and tugging off her panties)

Deirdre tries to push him off and scratches him in the process. Walter grabs her by the throat.

Don’t fight me. Don’t make me hurt you when all I want to do is love you. (Walter)

Deirdre is terrified of what Walter might do under the influence, so she resigns herself to weeping silently during the assault.

When Walter finally passes out asleep, she manages to slip out of the embrace he’s locked her in. She gathers her things and exits in a hurry.

The next morning, Walter awakens with a pounding headache. At first he’s confused. He can smell Deirdre’s perfume on his shirt, but he doesn’t remember her being there. He calls her name, and there’s no answer. 

Then he notices the scratches on his hand and chest and begins to recall the events of the night before. He panics. 

He turns on his phone and sends a text to Sean, his head of security. The text reads: "Need to see you in my office ASAP…we may have a situation."

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hold the Phone...Barbie Made to Move!

At least 10 new residents have arrived, and I'm waiting for two or three more before I introduce them all. But I was so excited to get this one for $14.99 on Amazon, that I rushed home and snapped a few pictures in poor lighting.

Meet Meiling, the Asian Made to Move Barbie. I had originally planned to buy the Asian Fashionista in the kitty top and rebody her on a Divergent Tris body, but when I saw that Mattel had a soon to be released doll with the same facial sculpt plus 18 points of articulation, I decided to wait.

Here are a few pictures of her packaging. I've seen an AA version of this doll in promo images, but have not seen her offered for sale. There's a small picture on the bottom front of the package, but the AA doll is not shown on the back with the three dolls I've seen for sale.

packaging- front

packaging- back

promo images of AA doll

I was too tired for a lengthy body comparison, so I just grabbed a Liv doll from a recent thrift purchase and Ally whose body donor was a 2015 Style Teresa with flat feet. You can see that Meiling has wider hips and fuller thighs than Liv and Ally. She has an athletic build, which I like. If you look closely at her upper thigh and upper arm, you will see a crease where her arms and legs swivel to provide some truly incredible posing ability. Her torso joint has an impressive range of motion as well. Sorry, too tired to take photos of this, but may update later.

And here are some photos of her redressed. She can wear older and newer Barbie fashions. She does a better job filling out the jeans from the newer fashion packs than the current Fashionistas. She can wear Sparkle Girlz fashions, and she was able to wear the one model muse dress (tea party) that I tried on her, too.

Meiling's articulation makes it possible for her to do an impressive number of things like curl up in a chair to read, and even hold the phone. If she were to hook up with an action figure, they could get into some pretty kinky stuff...just sayin'.