Friday, October 31, 2014

New Residents Part One

This is part one of a two part introduction to the new residents. The dollies that will be featured in part two are either en route, awaiting shipment, or on my list to purchase in the very near future. The most exciting thing about my new acquisitions is that I finally have some key characters that I needed for my stories. The new residents are as follows:

Model No. 08 Collection Red is Robyn Anthony, owner of the club, Rockin’ Robyn’s. I plan to re-body her on an SIS Grace body. That seems to be the best complexion match.

Mixis Emerald Okada will be a student and possibly a part-time cocktail waitress at Rockin’ Robyn’s. I’m still working out the details, so this could all change. And, oh my goodness, I love this doll! Her black, Asian, and Native American features are just stunning in person.

JLS Marvin has been in town for months but was recently de-boxed and given a role in the community. He will be employed as the DJ at Rockin’ Robyn’s.

Barbie Stardoll (redhead) is now Jessie, the new manicurist at Raquelle’s salon. I’ve wanted a redhead in my collection for a while, but red doll hair can be tricky. It can easily look toonish or clownish if too light, too bright, or too dark. I love the color of this doll’s hair. Now I need to decide on a style. I’m not feeling the “girl next door” look in the pictures. I plan to re-body her on a Life in the Dreamhouse Summer body.

Barbie Hunger Games Peeta Mellark is Dr. Joshua Lark, the cute new dentist. I needed a new dentist when I realized Amber’s husband should be in sports medicine. I was iffy about this guy until I saw him in person. He really is quite cute and $15 for full articulation was so worth it. Thanks Tracy India for telling me about the rollback- Good lookin’ out!

Barbie Styled by Tim Gunn (blonde) is now Allison Turner, a lawyer. That’s about all I know about her right now, aside from the fact that she is single and keeps complaining of tooth pain so she can see the new dentist. I really just wanted the clothes, but hey, it made sense to keep the doll since I didn’t have a single blonde Barbie in my own collection. I like that this “Barbie” isn’t wearing loud fuchsia lipstick or some other shade of garish lip or eye color. I’ve decided to get the brunette, too…if I can find her NRFB for original retail price or less.

And last but not least is my new Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers action figure. Meet Antonio, Amber’s twin brother (shown here with Amber). He is my first action figure, and he is awesome. I’m hooked. I want more! I missed the golden era of finding diverse world peacekeepers at Big Lots. So, I found my guy on a wholesale website for about $13 plus shipping. He came with blue eyes, but as you can see I’ve changed them to light brown- nothing permanent- just playing around with Mara’s paints. Tony is a key character in a story I’ve been wanting to do ever since my husband saw the picture of Matt and Amber and inquired how a guy like Matt got “a chick like that.” Matt and Tony have been best friends since elementary school. And I wish I could tell you that Tony was thrilled about his best friend falling for his sister, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

My unarticulated ladies may have to wait a couple of months for new bodies due to my new rule about paying for either a head or a body, but not both. I’ve already hinted to those closest to me that I would like Amazon and Target gift cards for Christmas. I'm saving my dough for that Malibu Mall : )

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Growing Collection of Hispanic Dolls- HHM Post

I was beginning to wonder if this post was ever going to happen. The nerve of “real life” interfering with my play time! When D7ana posted a photo of some of her Hispanic dolls and action figures for Hispanic Heritage Month, I was inspired to share our growing collection and even debox a few dolls.

YNU Group's Mixis Rosa Dominguez Katz
Rosa had been on my wish list for months, and I decided to use my Hispanic Heritage Month post as an opportunity, to cross her off. It took a while for her to get to Dollton, as she had to travel all the way from Canada, but at long last she arrived. I am THRILLED with everything about this doll- her hair, her proportions, and her well-made clothing and accessories. Here she is redressed and standing with her cousin, Linda (the controversial Mexico Barbie). Rosa’s father and Linda’s mother are siblings. Rosa moved to Dollton at the urging of her cousin. Right now she’s living with Linda and looking for a job.

Barbie So in Style Baby Phat Marisa

Okay, so I looked and looked and couldn’t really find any place where it is explicitly states that Marisa is supposed to be a Latina, but since most people consider her to be Hispanic, she’s featured in this post. Here she is in a test shot I did for an upcoming photo story. 

Barbie Dolls of the World Mexico
By the time I saw this lovely doll on Barbie she was already sold out. I was thrilled to find her one day while browsing the doll selection at Tuesday Morning. This doll (and her papers) caused quite a stir among some critics. Apparently, the controversy was over the fact that she comes with a passport.  Most collectors are aware of the fact that ALL of the Barbie Dolls of the World come with passports. However, critics claimed that the inclusion of a passport was insensitive as the issue of “papers” is a serious one for Mexicans in the United States. To be honest, I think it would have been more controversial to omit the passport, because that would suggest that Mexico Barbie was in little girls’ homes illegally.

A few critics also took issue with her dress being too costume-y. Again, I don’t know what to say. The whole Dolls of the World line is costume-y. Mexico Barbie’s colorful dress is exactly the type of traditional attire that the Mexican families dressed their daughters in for International Night at my previous school. I have a picture of a former student wearing a dress almost identical to this one. The clothing, food, and music were a source of pride for our Mexican families- things they shared eagerly and voluntarily with the community. One year the assistant principal had to explain to a family that they could not serve the Tequila they brought on school grounds, while at the same time the family tried to explain the importance of this beverage in Mexican culture. *snaps fingers* I just got a great idea for a scandal! Mattel could manufacture a DotW Mexico Ken. He could come dressed in modern clothes with no passport and a bottle of Tequila instead of a Chihuahua. I wonder if that would silence the critics. Probably not. Anyways, I think she’s a beautiful doll and Mara does, too. She was delighted when I told her we were finally going to debox her for this post. Her name is Linda Martinez, and she will be the Spanish teacher at the elementary school where Mara’s Barbie works.

Fashionistas Fashion Fabulous Teresa Rivera
Teresa is still boxed because she is a Christmas gift for Mara, who asked for some dolls that could “pose” like mommy’s dolls. This Teresa has a slightly deeper complexion with darker hair and eyebrows than the Barbie Style Teresa I recently purchased.

Prettie Girls Valencia  
According to her box, Valencia hails from Mexico City, Mexico. What I love most about this doll is that she has lighter hair than what is typically seen on Hispanic dolls. It's nice to have some variety in our doll community. I also like her sporty outfit. Valencia is another Christmas gift, so she remains in her box for now.

Ambiguously brown dolls aside, that's our collection of Hispanic dolls for now. Thanks to D7ana's post, I now have several more on my wish list. I'm taking Mara to a doll show this weekend. With any luck, we may find some new Dollton residents there.