Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Promise Me (Photo Story)

Walter drops by Deirdre’s place unannounced. He’s upset because he's called numerous times, but all of his calls have gone unanswered.

Walter! This is a surprise. (Deirdre)

Where have you been all day? Why didn’t you answer your phone? (Walter)

I went to help Robyn at the club, and I didn’t have my phone with me. I left it at home by mistake. (Deirdre)

What, there’s no phone at the club? Or were you too busy with your friends to check in? (Walter)

Wait a minute… I admit that I forgot to call. And I’m really sorry, but I don’t like how you’re treating me like some teenager who has to call home. (Deirdre)

You're right. I apologize for my tone. It’s just that I was worried sick about you. (Walter)

Oh, baby I didn’t realize I made you worry. I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again. (Deirdre)

Promise me. (Walter)

Hmm? (Deirdre)

Promise me that it won’t ever happen again. (Walter)

Alright, I promise. (Deirdre)

So, who else was at the club? (Walter)
What do you mean? (Deirdre)
I mean who, besides you and Robyn was there? (Walter)
Just a few of the employees prepping for an event. (Deirdre)

Males? Females? Names? (Walter)

The only guys were the bartender and the DJ. There were a couple of waitresses, too but nobody I remember by name. (Deirdre)

Walter goes to retrieve the bag he left in the car. Meanwhile, Deirdre realizes that he's feeling some kind of way...probably jealous and thinks it’s kind of cute.

 Well, now that I know you’re okay I have a surprise for you. (Walter)

Deirdre opens it and finds sexy lingerie. She smirks and raises an eyebrow.
Is this gift for me or for you? (Deirdre)
Both. Keep digging, there’s more. (Walter)

She takes out the negligee and uncovers a box from Hari’s Jewels. She opens it and gasps when she removes the stunning diamond necklace inside.

Walter, it’s beyond beautiful. I’m speechless. (Deirdre)

It’s just some silk and a trinket. I can and will give you so much more as long as you promise me that you will be mine…all mine. Can you promise me that? (Walter)

Deirdre laughs in her mind because only a man like Walter O’Dair could drop this kind of dough on a diamond necklace and call it a trinket.

Aren’t you going to try it on? (Walter)

Which one? (Deirdre)

Both. (Walter)

While Deirdre goes in the back to change, Walter sneaks a peek at her cell phone. 

She returns wearing both gifts, and Walter takes in the sight of her.

So...? (Deirdre)

 You’re right, the necklace is beautiful, but it’s nowhere near as beautiful as you are. The negligee is sexy, too but no amount of silk or lace could be as sexy as you......You can take it off now. (Walter)

Which one? (Deirdre)

Not the necklace. (Walter)

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Barbie Style Dolls @ Target- REVISED

This is a quick post to share that I found all of the ladies in the new Barbie Style wave at my local Target. They are priced at $19.99 plus tax. 




I was checking out Jaye's blog the other day, and she mentioned in a post that she'd bought the new Grace. I'd been checking online for her for the past couple of months without success, so I inquired about the store. I was not surprised to learn that she'd found her at Target. If I remember correctly, that was where I first saw the dolls in the last Style wave. I needed valentines for my homeroom class, so I figured it was the perfect reason to stop by Target. I brought Grace home. Robyn has been waiting patiently for an articulated body. Of course I checked out some of the other dolls, too and noticed that Steven has a new face. I like it! I don't have a Steven in my collection (Mara does), so I may buy one with plans to rebody him in the future.

I'm adding some pictures for anyone curious about the articulation of these dolls..Without shoes she is roughly the same height as the Liv body. With heels, she is typical Barbie height. Her legs open only as much as shown so no Van Damme splits, but she does front-back splits just fine. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Matt & Amber: The Beginning (Photo Story)

A while back, my husband saw a photo of Matthew and Amber and wondered how a guy like him got a girl like that. Today, I answer his question.

About ten years ago:

Amber walks into the restaurant where Matt is seated at a table waiting for Tony.

Hey! What are you doing here? I was expecting your other half. (Matt)
I know. Tony can’t make it. He’s sorry. He had to go into work unexpectedly. He tried calling you, but your phone is going straight to voice mail. (Amber)

Yeah, it’s dead and I don’t have a charger with me. (Matt)

Well, Tony had to run but he didn’t want you sitting here waiting for him, so I offered to deliver the message myself. (Amber)

Thanks. I appreciate that. Well, don’t just stand there. Sit down and tell me what’s been going on with you since you left town. Want something to eat? (Matt)

Matt and Amber order food and drinks and catch up. Amber fills him in on what she’s been up to since leaving home five years earlier to go to college. Since then, she's graduated with a double major in music and English. While in college, she worked for the campus newspaper reporting on the school’s music program and concerts. Then she worked as an intern at a radio station. Now, she’s back home and staying with her parents while she looks for a job.

A few days later at the Scotts' home:

Hey, Matt. Tony isn’t here. Actually you just missed him. (Amber)
Yeah, I know. I waited down the street for him to leave. I’m not here to see Tony. (pause) I came to see you. (Matt)
Oh? Come in. (Amber, surprised)

What's up? (Amber)

Matt takes a deep breath.
I had a really good time hanging out with you the other day and I was wondering if you’d like to do it again sometime. I know how much you like music. There’s a hip new place in Decatur with good food and live music. I’ve been twice. There’s always a cool and diverse crowd… (Matt)

Matthew Foreman, are you asking me out on a date? (Amber, interrupting his rambling)

Yeah…I am. (Matt, blushing slightly)

What about Tony? (Amber)

I’ve had lots of opportunities to ask your brother out over the years, but frankly he’s not my type. (Matt)
Very funny. (Amber, laughing and smiling)
So is that a yes or a no? (Matt)
Yes. (Amber, smiling)

That first date leads to another and then another and before long, a serious relationship develops.

Eight months later:

Amber’s in the shower and Matt just put on a pot of coffee. There’s a knock at the door. Matt spies Tony through the peep hole and curses under his breath.

What’s up bruh? (Tony)
What are you doing here? (Matt)
D@m#, try not to sound so happy to see me. (Tony)
What I meant was what brings you by so early? You’ve never been a morning person. (Matt)

True. I had to come this way to run an errand on my way to the gym. I was wondering if you wanted to come and maybe shoot some hoops?
Nah, I can’t. (Matt)

Tony waits for an explanation.

Busy day…I gotta finish up some stuff. (Matt)
Aight then. Is that coffee I smell? I could use a cup. I pulled an all-nighter last night. (Tony)

Matt doesn’t move to let Tony in.
Man, what’s up with you? Are you gonna let me in or what?
Ummm…it’s just that…I have…company. (Matt)
Ohhh, I get it. Now I know what you’ll be busy “doing” all day. (laughs) Just put it in a travel thermos, and I’ll take it to go. I’ll be quick and quiet…cross my heart. (Tony)

Matt reluctantly steps aside.

Matt looks for a thermos to put Tony’s coffee in.
So, who is it? (Tony, whispering)

Huh? (Matt)
You know…your “company”? You and Angel hookin’ up again? (Tony)
Nah. (Matt)
Okay, then who? (Tony)
Ummm…Tony, I… (Matt)

Baby, I put on one of your work shirts. I hope that’s okay. (Amber, calling from the other room)

Tony! Hey, I didn’t hear you come in. (Amber, noticing Tony in the kitchen)

Aw, Hell Naw! I can’t believe this $h!t! Where are your clothes?! (Tony, looking from Amber to Matt and back to Amber)

My clothes? (looking down) Right. Excuse me for a second. (Amber)

My sister? My sister! Your company is my sister?! I should kick you’re a$$. And you know I could do it, too. Son of a... I'm outta here… (Tony, shaking his head and fuming)

Tony storms out, and Amber re-enters the room soon after.

Where’s Tony? (Amber)
Just left. He’s so pissed. I knew he’d be mad, but I never expected… (Matt)
Well, what are you waiting for? (Amber)
What do you mean? (Matt)
Look, I don’t need Tony’s blessing to be happy, but I have a feeling that you do. He might be my twin, but the two of you are like brothers. I can’t come between you and your best friend. If his acceptance is important to you, it's important to me. Go after him. (Amber)

Matt catches up to Tony and tries to explain that his relationship with Amber isn’t just some fling. He’s in love with her and has been since he was thirteen. There was never a good time to act on his feelings before because Tony made it clear to everyone that his sister was unavailable. Not many guys were willing to try their luck since it was widely known that Tony was the best boxer in the neighborhood.