Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dolly Deals Spotted Around Town

I LOVE the thrill of a good deal! 
Here’s a list of sales and deals I’ve spotted around town in the past week.

  • Justin Bieber Onstage and Backstage Playsets spotted at CW Price for $9.99 each. I purchased both sets. The accessories are awesome and the articulated Beiber dolls are quite cute once that awful gel is brushed out of their hair. I liked them enough to keep them and make them twin brothers Justin and Jason Clark.

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  • Justin Bieber Concert Stage Tour Bus spotted on clearance at Toys R Us 70% off.

  • Speaking of Toys ‘R Us… they have some awesome in-store clearance mark downs right now. Divergent’s Four was marked down to $13.48, the Liv Hayden house and doll set shown below was $7.49, plus many more dolls and fashions are marked down 80% off. I'm tempted to go back and buy at least one more of these sets.

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  • Fashion Madness Kenya dolls were spotted in Family Dollar stores marked down to $10 in some and $15 in others. I’ve spotted every Kenya doll except the one in the animal print coat, which of course is the one I’d buy.

  • Tuesday Morning has a selection of dolls and fashions worth checking out. Barbie Ken Fashionistas fashion packs like the Summer Picnic Date pack shown below are $4.99, Barbie Look fashion packs are $9.99, and they have several of the Dolls of the World. I got the Mexico Barbie for $14.99 yesterday. 

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