Monday, July 21, 2014

Flea Market Find

I had plans to write about my Barbie orders today, but I’m going to share my flea market find instead. Typically, I don’t do flea markets or thrift stores because I hardly ever find anything good. The only thing that keeps me going back on the rare occasions I do stop into a thrift store are the countless stories I’ve heard or read about someone who found a wonderful item in mint condition at an insanely good price. Well, the stuff I find is often icky and I rarely find anything at all. Today I happened upon a plaza with two thrift stores and two antique flea markets all in a row. I thought surely one out of four stores was bound to have something. As luck would have it the first store was closed and the second and third stores had nothing of interest to me. Store number four turned out to be the one. A booth in the back had some Barbie Basics priced $14.99 - $19.99. I considered one or two of them, but none came home with me.

Just as I was about to leave the store I spotted another display with a few Barbie dolls I’d never seen before. There on display and priced at $12.50 was a mint condition 2nd edition Indian Barbie doll (1996). I considered her for a few moments and decided to bring her home with us. She was a perfect find because I already had plans to create an Indian family. The picture below doesn’t do her justice, but I’m too tired to figure out what’s going on with my camera so I included a stock photo as well. I’m debating two possible names for her: Alisha and Anita. I like the meaning of the name Alisha, and she looks like an Alisha to me. Anita is the name of one of my former students: a sweet girl who always spoke with great pride about her Indian heritage.

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