Cluster 1

The Foremans- Amber, Matt, and twins Macee and Makenna (age 6)
Amber is a music journalist. She writes a weekly column in the local newspaper titled MusiCOOL with Amber Foreman. Dr. Matthew Foreman is an orthopedic specialist working in sports medicine. He is one of the team physicians for an Atlanta sports team.

Antonio (Tony) Scott, Larissa Scott, and Amber Scott Foreman
Amber and Tony are twins. Larissa is their widowed mother.

Brandy Norwood and Yolanda Stacy
Brandy is Tony's fiancee. She works as a clinical psychologist at the VA hospital. Yolanda is Brandy's younger sister.

The NorwoodsWilliam and Rosalyn
William and Rosalyn are Brandy and Yolanda's parents. William is a renowned plastic surgeon.

Lea Hamilton and daughter Kayla Hamilton-Scott (age 3)
Lea is Tony's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter.

The Edwards FamilyThomasCamilleSerena (age 6) and Tommy (age 3)
Dr. Thomas Edwards is the lead physician at Dollton Family Medicine. Camille is a former accountant, taking a break from full-time work to raise their children. Camille is Amber's best friend.

The Davis FamilyGraceDarrenand Julian (age 5)
Grace is a florist and the owner of Bloom Service. She is Camille's younger sister. Darren is a web designer.

The Clarkes- Gabriel, Millicent, Floyd, and Phoebe
Millicent is the owner of the local cafe. Henry is an investment banker. They have two children: Floyd and Phoebe.

The Clarkes- Nathan, Hilary, Justin, Jason, and Mary Kate
Nathan is Henry's younger brother. He works in insurance. His wife, Hilary, is a realtor. Their twin sons, Justin and Jason sing and play in a local band. Their daughter, Mary Kate, is a twinless twin. She lost her identical twin sister in a house fire.

Cluster 2

Deirdre Rose
Deirdre Rose is a singer and the love interest of Walter O'Dair.

Walter O'Dair
Walter is a top executive for the multinational financial services corporation founded by his great-grandfather.

Robyn Anthony
  Robyn is the owner of the club, Rockin’ Robyn’s and Deirdre’s best friend

Cluster 3

Jamal and Lena Edwards
Jamal is associate pastor of Trinity Community Church, and Lena is director of the children’s ministry. She also volunteers as a counselor to victims of domestic violence. They have four children: Hakim (age 16), Skilar (age 14), Zahara (age 5), and Faith (age 2).

The Sherwoods- Adam, Monica, Raymond (age 3) and Nicole (age 1)
Adam and Monica own and operate a local child care center. Monica, Lena, and Nora are close friends who met in college when all three were majoring in early childhood education.

The NewmansKirkEleanor (Nora), and Brittany (age 6 months)
Kirk is an IT consultant. Nora is a first grade teacher..

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