Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Raining Men

Many can relate to my desire to have a few dolls of my own in order to play Barbies with my little one. I couldn’t, or rather I wouldn't, risk Mara ruining my dolls’ hair or losing all their fab accessories. 
Our collection…okay my collection has grown in leaps and bounds in the two months since we started playing. I was able to start a wish list of dolls I wanted in our little doll town by perusing doll blogs and online retailers. Who says a good man is hard to find? I do! Acquiring some of these guys required a combination of patience, persistence, and favor. But I’ve been steadily checking off boxes on my list, so allow me to introduce the fellas from left to right.

Dr. Ken & Tommy n.k.a. Dr. Thomas Edwards and his son Thomas Jr. (nicknamed Tommy): I think the pretty boy doctor might just be my favorite. Little Tommy is cute, too. Ken’s in his original clothes except for the shoes. I laughed when I read on the box that he was “dressed for a date” when you remove his white coat. I thought to myself, “Really he’s going on a date in these orthopedic shoes?!”

High School Musical Chad n.k.a. Chad Davis: Chad is wearing his original shirt and shoes with jeans from a JB doll. Since this version of HSM Chad shares the same face mold as Darren, I decided to make them brothers.

Rocawear Darren n.k.a. Darren Davis: Darren’s clothing is original but the shoes are from a JB fashion pack. The JB sneakers fit him much better. Why did Mattel put him in those clown shoes anyway? Besides, he’s an adult in Dollton, and what self-respecting grown man walks around with his shoe laces untied on purpose?

SIS Julian n.k.a. Julian Davis: What a cutie! To be honest, it took me a while to decide whether I liked him or not. In the end, it was the rarity of boy dolls that settled it. When I saw the little blonde friend of Chelsea in a Walmart recently, I snatched him up without a second thought after exclaiming, “Ooh a boy!” It’s a shame that boys are so rare.

Jamal n.k.a. Jamal Joyner: I was surprised to see that he is shorter than the other adult male dolls. That gold suit he came in had to go! He’s wearing a pair of khaki pants I found at a thrift store (which were too short for all my other guys), a sweater from a One Direction doll, and shoes from the Barbie Ken Fashionistas Summer Picnic Date fashion pack.

MC Hammer n.k.a. Stanley Kirk: I love what he’s wearing, but I can’t take credit for it. He was purchased off eBay and this is how he came, except that I swapped his snazzy black shoes for a tan pair from a current Ken fashion pack. I inquired about his clothes, and the seller said they were from a Blaine fashion pack.

Divergent Four n.k.a. Dr. Matthew Foreman, D.D.S.:  I don’t know anything about the movie Divergent or this character. All I know is that he is one handsome doll. He was on my “maybe” list because though I liked him from the moment I laid eyes on him, I did not like his price tag. Well imagine my delight when I found him marked down to $13.48 at my local Toys ‘R Us two weeks ago.

AA Happy Family Grandpa n.k.a. Noah Hadley: Not pictured- still boxed. He’s my most expensive acquisition to date. At least he came with some cool accessories.

Happy Family Grandpa n.k.a. Zachary Clark: Not pictured- awaiting shipment.

I am happy to say that currently only one guy remains on my wish list- JLS Marvin. I want to use him to represent the teenage son in the doll family that mirrors my own. It’s not that I don’t know where to get him; I found him on eBay. It’s not that he’s terribly expensive; he’s less than $25 with shipping. I think that’s reasonable considering he’s traveling from the UK. I think I haven’t hit the buy button because I’m holding out for something better. Like a beach doll, he’s stiff as a board and on top of that I don’t like his clothes. If I haven't found a suitable replacement by the end of summer, I may just bite the bullet. My lovely ladies will be featured in a separate post. Currently Mara has three male dolls in her collection: the standard beach Ken and Steven dolls and the blonde friend of Chelsea who she named T.J.

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