Monday, January 8, 2018

12 Days of Deboxing continued

Greetings dolls!

I'm back to share Days 7-12 and the rest of my bonus buys. I have enjoyed this so much that I'm thinking of making it a yearly tradition. I know some bloggers post count downs of the year's best, but I don't always purchase enough new dolls for that.

On the 7th day of deboxing...
I opened the Asian Peace Keeper I purchased from Amazon. This handsome fellow has been renamed Andy. I was also excited to find Peace Keepers at my local Kroger stores during the holidays.

On the 8th day of deboxing...
I finally opened the Glam SUV I purchased months ago. I was going to wait and open it when I'm ready to repaint it, but I decided to go ahead and debox it now. I love that the backseat is functional unlike the back seat in most doll cars. Valencia has finished her shift and she and her girls are going to hang out. For a closer look at the doll in the back seat, scroll down to bonus buys.

On the 9th day of deboxing...
I opened my Chambray Chic Fashionista. I have renamed her Chanelle. She is a talk show hostess. I took a pic of her on her original body, but my plan was always to put her on a curvy bod. Eventually, she will be put on a curvy Made to Move body, but we're still waiting for those to show up in the U.S.

On the 10th day of deboxing...
I opened the Cheerful Check Fashionista. I bought this doll because she reminds me of my youngest daughter who often wears her hair in this style. I have renamed her Chloe. Below, Ben welcomes her to Mountain View High School.

On the 11th day of deboxing...
Barbie and Ken fashions
Right now I'm doing a post and run because it's past my bedtime. I'll update with my opinion of these fashions tomorrow or the next day.

On the 12th day of deboxing...
Afro Rocker from the Target exclusive Barbie and the Rockers line. Her name is Roxy.

BONUS buys
Teddy Bear Flair Fashionista now known as Bora. She reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence.


  1. Oh, lots of nice dollies here! I love all the new Fashionistas and am excited about the photos I've seen of the next round. I hope they don't come out for a while though. Based on what I've seen coming out from Mattel, I am going to have to find some money soon so I can buy some of these new dolls!

  2. Great dolls, and the car is awesome :-). Bora does look like Jennifer Lawrence! She's very pretty. I love Chambray Chic Chanelle, she has a beautiful hair-do and a great smile.

  3. The car is awesome. I love the curly hair on the Holiday Barbie.

  4. Beautiful collection of dolls! Looking forward to your repaint of the SUV. Mattel is definitely working to get out money.

  5. Congratulations on your new dolls. They are all lovely - including your hunky Peacekeeper.

    I look forward to seeing what color you paint the SVU ;-)


  7. You definitely got it going on over there! I'm jealous of the Target Exclusive Afro Rocker. I have no ideal how I missed her.

  8. Miło mi poznać Twój blog!
    Lalki śliczne, a samochód niesamowity.
    Zapraszam do mnie z wizytą i pozdrawiam.

  9. Omg she does look like Jennifer Lawrence! I cannot wait for the made to move curvy. Great haul!