Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June (Mail-Order) Brides

I’m dedicating this post to Georgia Girl who I both thank and blame for the collection of dolls I’m about to show you- LOL. 

As some of you know, there will be a wedding in Dollton. In fact, Tony and Brandy meet with the event coordinator who will be planning their wedding in the next photo story. Obviously a wedding story requires wedding dresses. Now if there’s one thing I never get tired of looking at, it’s wedding dresses. I can usually tolerate up to four consecutive episodes of Say Yes to the Dress before the brides and/or their entourages begin to annoy me, because that’s how much I love wedding dresses.

A couple of months ago I was talking about doll wedding gowns with a fellow doll club member. She offered to bring in her stash of dresses for me to look through in case I wanted to borrow some for my photo story. And then she asked the question that started it all, “Have you seen Georgia Girl’s curio of bride dolls?” “No,” I said. She went on to describe the curio full of nothing but brides at Georgia Girl’s house. At this point I’m thinking, "What could be better than a curio full of brides?!" And the seed was planted. 

This is a good place to mention that I started collecting about a year ago, so the only bride dolls I was familiar with were the ones that come in the single packs and boxed playsets at Walmart and Target (i.e. NOT the kind of brides you put in a curio). So, I went home and started searching for bridal Barbie dolls. Folks, let me tell ya, there are some stunning bride dolls out there. And so the seed was watered. But what really made it take root was when I went to Georgia Girl’s house and got to see her curio of brides and the countless other bride dolls stored in her doll room. I decided that I wanted... no, needed a curio of brides.

Most of the brides in this post were acquired during the month of June, but two were purchased in April right after that fateful trip to Georgia Girl's house. I’m sharing pictures of my little collection of brides because 1) June is the perfect time for it being the most popular month for weddings and all and 2) the next time you see them, most won’t be in their bridal gowns. I am a player, not a displayer. In other words, I can’t buy dolls just to pose on a shelf. They must be played with. All of these ladies have been named and given roles in society and will appear in my photo stories… sooner or later. BUT, they will be allowed to model their beautiful gowns when they are not needed for other roles : )

Avon Exclusive Blushing Bride Barbie- African American version
I was originally attracted to this doll for the sophisticated look of her dress. Strapless gowns are a dime a dozen, but Blushing Bride is dressed in a satin and tulle ball gown with long, sheer sleeves. Her dress is accented with silver-trimmed ribbons and white roses. I had plans to debox the doll, remove the dress and accessories, and then donate the doll to charity. Upon seeing her in person, I quickly changed my mind. For one thing, she has the Asha facial sculpt and is one of only two dolls in my collection with this sculpt. Her face is lovely with just a hint of blush on her cheeks. Secondly, I like the medium-brown color of her hair. I am so over AA dolls with two-toned hair at the moment. The Caucasian version of this doll is quite affordable on the secondary market, with the AA version being slightly more expensive but usually available NRFB for under $25 shipped.

Avon Blushing Bride AA- Blaire

I attempted an outdoor pic, but it was too sunny.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Bride Bella
I’ve seen all of the Twilight movies (mainly for the eye candy), and I even read the first book, but I would not call myself a fan. I am, as I said before, a fan of beautiful bridal gowns.  This one gets points for being different. Bella wears a long-sleeve satin gown. The gown has a sheer back embellished with a faux pearl trim. The dress has lace accents, too. Her look is completed with a floor-length veil attached to a silvery comb dotted with tiny faux sapphires.

Back of Bella's Dress

Twilight Bride Bella- Isabella Rossi

David’s Bridal Unforgettable Barbie
The Unforgettable bride was first in a series of three dolls sold exclusively at David’s Bridal stores. Unfortunately, I had to purchase this doll twice. She and the David’s Bridal Eternal blonde were delivered while I was at work. My mail carrier has a habit of leaving boxes in plain sight of passersby, and I live on a street that gets quite a bit of vehicle and foot traffic. No doubt you can see where this is going. Some low life stole my packages off the porch while I was at work. After filing a claim with USPS and getting my money back, I was eventually able to track down another AA Unforgettable bride.  I am still waiting on the other doll to show up at a price I’m willing to pay. I love this doll’s face and her dress. She looks like a princess in her poufy ball gown and tiara. The dress features a satin bodice with shimmery swirl details and a full sparkly tulle skirt. Accessories include a rhinestone studded choker, elbow length mittens, and a bouquet. At first, I thought maybe her facial sculpt was one that I didn’t have in my collection. But after further examination, I recognized it as the Goddess sculpt. I think her face paint is really well done.

DB Unforgettable- Ursula Boyd

I tried but still couldn't capture the bodice detail.

Badgley Mischka Bride Barbie
Again, I was attracted to both the dress and the facial sculpt. The Badgley Mischka bride doll has the Lara facial sculpt. I do wish I had known that her dress was sewn on. That puts limits on how much play time she’ll get. Still, she is lovely to look at. She is dressed in a cap-sleeve ball gown with an intricately beaded bodice and a simple flare skirt. The bodice is covered in iridescent beads and flowers with rhinestone centers. The skirt is organza-covered satin. Her chandelier earrings and velvet purse are the perfect finishing touches. And I love the solitaire ring on her finger. As you can see, I restyled her hair. It was the only thing I did not like about the doll. I put her hair in a simple bun, so I could add a veil. I will bedazzle the top of the veil to complement the dress at a later date.

Badgley Mischka Bride- Mischa

Close-Up of Bodice

David’s Bridal Romance Barbie
The Romance doll was the third and final doll in the David’s Bridal series- released in 2006, and the only one to come with rooted eyelashes. She wears an off-white strapless ball gown with a lace bodice and a full tufted skirt with floral details (gown is sewn on).  The gown definitely radiates romance, but just look at her face…it’s GORGEOUS! I’ve said before that the Lea/Kayla facial sculpt is one of my favorites, but I think it may just be my all-time favorite. I love that she comes with a tiara. Like this doll, I was married in 2006 in a David’s Bridal dress and a tiara : )

DB Romance- Ramona Perry

I'm not usually a fan of off-white dresses, but this one is beautiful.

No, she’s not a bride but she’s just so stinkin’ cute! David’s Bridal tipped its hat to flower girls and ring bearers with the Perfect Pair Tommy and Kelly set (available in blonde, brunette, and AA). I purchased this sweetie on her own- new but deboxed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Kelly doll with this complexion. For that reason, I had to have her.

DB Perfect Pair Kelly- Kenya

Fun Stuff
Who doesn’t love trivia? Now, it’s time to test your knowledge of Barbie brides/wedding sets. I'll post answers after about a week.

1. Which daytime soap opera legend was made into a bridal Barbie doll to celebrate her onscreen wedding? Erica Kane- All My Children and Marlena Evans- Days of Our Lives 
2. Apart from Prince William and Catherine, name another celebrity couple available as a Barbie and Ken wedding set. Elvis & Priscilla Presley
3. Barbie has donned bridal wear from many high profile fashion designers. Can you name three of them? Reem Acra, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka, and Vera Wang
4. Which costume designer, often called the “sultan of sequins”, outfitted the Empress Bride Barbie and the Couture Confection Bride Barbie? Bob Mackie
5. Fifteen years before David’s Bridal paired Kelly and Tommy, a taller “Kelly” was paired with a different ring bearer. Who was it? Todd

One last thing- Bridal Guide created a slide show of their favorite wedding day Barbie dolls. Click here to see it.


  1. Hi Jewell, it's been a while! That's a bunch of beautiful brides! I look forward to the wedding in Dollton. I don't know a single answer to the questions, I will leave that to the real Barbie addicts :-). Greetings from Linda (Night Owl)

    1. It's so good to hear from you! You crossed my mind a week or two ago and I was wondering how you've been. I'm so glad you're blogging and most importantly enjoying the hobby again. It's funny how you can miss people you've never even met. Im following your new blog now.

  2. Hi Jewell, great post! There was a time when I was tempted by the Vera Wang Barbie brides Collection, but had to pass it, as they are for display, that's the only piece of trivia I can guess....Vera Wand was one of the designers.
    I love the girls you bought, this is what I call shopping!
    I have a soft spot for the Lara sculpt, but they are all gorgeous, and have great dresses

    1. Yes, Vera Wang is on that list. I hope to one day add the Vera Wang Traditionalist Bride to my collection. The Lara sculpt is beautiful and reminds me of actress Tracey Bregman who stars on The Young and the Restless.

  3. Beautiful photos. My daughter has the Caucasian Unforgettable bride doll from David's Bridal. I am loving the bodice on the Badgley Mischka bride's dress. I have carefully removed sewn on dresses from other Barbie dolls and then added hook and eye closures or snaps to them so I could take them off before. I do know some of the answers to your Trivia question:

    1. Diedre Hall as Marlena Evans

    2. Elvis and Priscilla Presley

    3. Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Monique Luiller (not sure of spelling)

    4. Bob Mackie

    5. Todd

    1. All three of the Unforgettable brides are so pretty, I had a hard time choosing just one. Thanks for the hook and eye suggestion. I was planning to do snaps, but hook and eye might work better. And I want you on my team if we ever need to answer some Barbie trivia- lol.

  4. What a positively BEAUTIFUL blog post!!!!! Each and every doll and dress is more beautiful than the other. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, April! It was certainly my pleasure- most fun I've had photographing the dollies in a while.

  5. Awesome post!! Thanks for the dedication! Lol! I am happy that my collection has inspired you to collect more bride dolls. Brides has always been one collection that I have enjoyed collecting. You have chosen some gorgeous dolls. Looking so forward to more of your bridal post.

    1. Yes, your collection is indeed inspiring. I'm already making plans for a future post about bridal fashions.

  6. Lovely photos of gorgeous dolls in beautiful dresses! Such fun to see all of these!

    1. Thanks, jSarie! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Muff! I am grateful that the natural light from the window was sufficient, and the color of the walls in the doll room worked as a good backdrop for the white dresses.

  8. At first the title had me thinking someone was getting a mail order bride (and maybe that's what Brandy really is). LOL!

    I love bridal gowns. So many beautiful ones out there. You have so many pretty brides. Will Brandy get to choose from these dresses?

    1. LOL, Janainah! No, Brandy is no mail-order bride. She will get to try on at least one or two of these, and I have at least three others for her to try as well. I have to finish the bridal salon dio first.

  9. Hello from Spain: fabulous pics. I love every brides dolls. Keep in touch