Saturday, August 16, 2014

Target Exclusive Moxie Girlz Friends

I stopped by my local Target about a week ago with plans to pick up one of the marked down Barbie S.I.S. sister sets. Unfortunately, they were all gone. The whole Barbie section was pretty sad looking to tell you the truth, but I did find these cute little Target exclusive Moxie girlz friends dolls. There were four dolls to choose from. Here are pics of the two I bought and the two I left behind. I passed on the AA girl only because I don’t like her eye color. Her curly puffs are super cute. The red head is beyond adorable in person. I’m thinking she would be a perfect daughter for Midge. 

Cameo has already been renamed and placed in a family.

Their heads are over-sized but not annoyingly so. They are taller than the original Kelly/Tommy doll, but shorter than Chelsea and the So in Style kids. Below is a comparison photo. They can share clothes with the S.I.S. girls, but their feet are too narrow to share shoes. At $2.99, they are cheaper than Chelsea and her friends, but there are some trade-offs. For one thing, their clothes are not as well made. They are thin and cheap feeling. Also, the hair is not as nice and there’s quite a bit of scalp to be seen when you part it. Head movement is side to side and arms and legs move back and forth…that’s it. Still, I think they are great little additions to my collection of kids.

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